Lesson 5: Stupid is as stupid does


Stupid is as stupid does. Miracles happen every day. Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. If you are ever in trouble, don’t try to be brave, just run, just run away.–Via Forrest Gump

The white feather danced in the wind with the music gradually from soft to strong.In the blue sky the feather shining brightly seems like an angle.How wonderful and peaceful the world is!The film Forrest Gump begins with the beautiful sence.It is a good start.At last,the feather appears again.It flies over the field,the house .It takes audiences to another magic world,and takes on a ture world to us and stands for a miracle.

The film shows kindness,thankness,honest,

serious,bravry and all of beautiful things in our souls.It tells the story by Forrest Gump himself.He sits on the chair by the road and tells his experiences in his past time to the persons who are waiting for the bus.They come and go,however Forrest talking and talking.He doesn’t mind what they are doing and how they are feeling .When I see the sences,I feel it risible.But this just accouts Forrest is a clinging man.

Forrest Gump isn’t a genius man.He is even thought a big fool.In all his childhood,otherboys look down upon him and ofen laugh at him.But his mother regards him as a normal child and tells him that he is the same as the other boys.

One day he finds that he could run fast like wind.After thathe begin to run without any reason. Maybe he wants to escape from the unkind laughter and indignity.He may be a fool.But in the first he is a man.he has his own motions.He leads his life in his own ways and never complains anything and never gives up. Because of this,he gets surprising upshots every time.He escapes from the fiece fight.He is saw by several presidents and gets his lover he loves so much.What a luckey dog he is!Most people would think that they prefer to be a fool like Gump.

The story is very interesting.In addition,there are some moving plots.

When he is a child,his mother wants to sent him to go to school.She goes to school to talk with the headmaster,and finally she success.Anyone would clap for her.

When Jeny leaves him,he loses his direction.At this time there is only running in his mind.He reminds running and running.We can feel that he is so sad.Because he knows what love is.Suddenly he says only a word:I want to go home.He is tired and needs a rest.Home is always a bay for all of us.

His mother died finally,the people who loves him leaves him for ever.He sits next to his mother quietly.He thinks of his mother words:Life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you gonna get.Maybe he can understand.

When he knows the little boy is his son,he is so nervous and afraid.what’ is the child IQ?We can know he is kindness and unselfish.We believe that he would be a great father.

Although Jeny died,the code is consummate.Their little child is clever and their will be happy.

I appriate and like the film very much.One hand the film tells several stories clearly in limited time.The content is affluent and the tie of charactors is complex but clear.On the other hand ,we can get revelations from it.First,if you want to be happy,you must treat youself correctly.If you take your weakness seriously,it will be exaggerated and effect you in bad factors.In fact sometimes your weakness is just your luck.Second,when you intend to try somehing ,do your best.If only you put your heart into it and don’t mind anything else,you will success.Third,be an honest and genuine man.You offer you kindness to others and in return you will get more.Last,we should treasure what we own now,and express your life freely.

So stupid is as stupid does!

Best Regards,
From Shanghai

Lesson 4: Ordinary yet unique


To me,you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys.And I have no need of you.And you,on your part,have no need of me.To you,I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes.But if you tame me,then we shall need each other.To me,you will be unique in all the world.To you,I shall be unique in all the world.-via Little Prince

Little Prince chiefly tells of a story concerning a lonely prince who is loyal but contrary to love. On the one hand, he overly falls in love with a rose in his planet by reason that her fragrance and beauty are notably charming. On the other hand, conversely, he is too young to know how to love the proud flower. Accordingly, he eventually leaves his rose with tears in eyes. Nevertheless, the pain of separation has long concerned him during his travel along massive planets. In the course of reading the book, I gradually understood the meaning of mature love.

First and foremost, what mature love is like: mature love must be reasonable, consistent and candid. Immature love can be disturbing. What invariably occurs is that lovers often feel hurt only because they are improperly loving each other. Immature love makes them inconsistent, or even unreasonable. For instance, it’s immature love that makes the rose pretend to be strong so as to avoid being caught crying when they separate from each other; it’s immature love that makes little prince determined to leave the rose. Additionally, immature love makes both little prince and the rose contrary. Little prince is confessional because he ought never to run away from the rose but he does. The rose confides it’s her fault that little prince has not known her love all the while.

Moreover, the reason why we love: love makes people unique in all world. As little prince says:” An ordinary passerby would think that my rose looks just like you. But in herself alone she is more important than all hundreds of you other roses. Because she is my rose.” I cherish a belief that the time we put into the beloved gives us a feeling of love and responsibility, and then a sense of attachment and belonging, which finally makes the beloved unique in the world. The people we love may have an ordinary looking, live an ordinary life, or pass in the crowded. Once we look upon them as an inalienable part of our life, nevertheless, they turn into shiny gold and nobody can be qualified to replace them.

Last but not the least, how to love others: one is expected to be responsible for what he has tamed. If it were otherwise, our planet would be filled with the broken-hearted. It’s love that forces people to bear the duty to serve as a responsible man. In the story, little prince makes the acquaintance of enormous people, including a mass of roses who are indistinguishable from his rose and a lovely fox who is enormously in love with him. Be that as it may, he eventually chooses to risk danger in desperation to return to his rose, paying a price of being bitten by the poisonous snake. Without doubt, I am deeply moved by his loyalty and see an extremely strong sense of responsibility in him. Be responsible for what one has tamed. That’s the most momentous experience I gain from Little Prince, I maintain.

To sum up, we can conclude that perfect love needs maturity and responsibility. And as a reward, it will make one the most unique in lover’s eyes. I will cherish as unforgettable treasure in my mind.

Best Regards,
From Shanghai

Lesson 3: Wait and Hope


There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of living.

Never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man,all human wisdom is summed up in these two words, −− Wait and Hope.

–via Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

In the ancient and modern, “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” is the most popular novels. Recently I read the novel again, follow host to experience his joys and sorrows. “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” is mainly about the 19th century a man named Edmund was the chief officer of the tang dynasty when the captain, was between 2 of the er and lover’s brother phil south frame, at he and his partner’s wedding was grasp to go to trial, and as a result of jobbery villefort took over this case, the tang dynasty, was sentenced to more than 10 years of imprisonment. Prisoners in prison, he met a priest, in talking to the priest’s, he won the rebirth, and have the wisdom and wealth. After prison, he was renamed the sailor first mountain, return those who have mercy on him, and then changed its name to the count of monte cristo began his revenge plan. In the way of revenge, in the end, all the sinners were punished.

The author through the novel “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” reveals to us the dark side of the society at that time. The novel also reflects the people’s. For money, for fame, villefort couple even made the humanity behavior, m. DE villefort to fame, the future do not hesitate to go against his own father, for the money, he by this identity “judge” how many people don’t know wronged; As Mrs Villefort’s money worship, made her to kill her loved ones in order to obtain a heritage.

And this, is not straight also reminds us that we live in “you can do nothing without money” s people, walking in the society, life, to be placed in front of a beacon, self, and “the silt but not imbrued, turbidity qing lian without demon” quality.

Also, Dumas wrote more magic, of course, content with twists and turns, the later the more fascinating, let a person to read intense. Victor. Hugo opinion of dumas is: he like summer thundershower frank, is a likeable. He is a thick cloud, thunder, lightning, but he never hurt anyone. Everyone knew he like showers to be moderate in a drought, a generous.

I really hope that people in the world can be open-minded, try our best to do their thing. We think that the anyway, please remember WAIT and HOPE cause have to experience pain, feel the happiness!

Best Regards,
From Shanghai, China

Lesson 2: Tomorrow is another day!


Gone with the Wind is my best fav. novel, also is a romantic drama and the only novel written by Margaret Mitchell. It is set in Jonesboro and Atlanta, Georgia during the American Civil War and Reconstruction. and follows the life of Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of an Irish immigrant plantation owner.

And the writes: Mitchell, is a legendary recollection of the last brilliance of the Old South. The writer’s debut novel was an instant success. And the story has been bestowed an even further reaching popularity since Vivian Leigh presented a vivid translation to the screen of Katie Scarlett O’Hara, a southern belle raised in her father’s white-pillared plantation Tara. A climax of Hollywood, from Director Victor Fleming for MGM, Gone with the Wind is more than a vicissitude, it is also an old, lost culture revisited.

It is Old South, which today is no more than a dream remembered. People were once there, living with the high strong slaves’ songs in the quarters, in security, peace and eternity. Here, Scarlett spends her young maiden years. She is well disciplined by her mother, but her blazing green eyes always betray her covert capricious self; the one who enjoys parties and the surrounding ofbeaus. She dreams to marry the noble Ashley Wilkes. The impending war shatters the golden peace of the South, and leaves many lives permanently changed. Plantations, treasures, and honor are ruined. Scarlett is made a most peculiar widow by the war, and then compelled into a second marriage in continuation of her struggle for the salvation of Tara. And her third marriage to Rhett Butler is also jeopardized because of her secret, stubborn ardency for Ashley.

In the end of the movie, Scarlett is left only with her Tara, a plantation which symbolizes the culture of the Old South, a place where she could ever gather her strength. Because tomorrow is another day, just go for it!

Gone with the Wind is a moving novel whose story evokes my sympathy a thousand and one times and leads me to think profoundly about love and life in a realistic manner. 

Among all the characters, Scarlett and Rhett impress me most. On one hand, they both are people with unique personalities; on the other, their romance which has come a long way does not have a happy ending. My impression of Scarlett is ambivalent. She is much too naïve, even silly, and too vain in early years. Being a daughter of a rich family and extraordinarily charming, she is always surrounded by pursuers, which makes her vain and proud. Her love for Ashley, I think, is more the love for conquering a man who “does not lose heart to so beautiful and elegant a woman as her”, than the pure love for Ashley himself. Perhaps she was simply driven by her vanity and pride to do so; perhaps she just cannot bear it that there should be a man who does not love her. But isn’t that childish and silly?

Also, she impulsively marries Charles, a man who she does not love, only out of the purpose to “take revenge”. She is much more like a naïve little girl than a mature woman. While her perception of love dismays me, yet her persistence does touch me. Few women who are confronted with the same wretched situations as hers can live with them, let alone make a way out. But Scarlett makes it. When she finds Tara Manor burnt to the ground, her mother dead and her father mad, she does not break down; instead, she determines to regain the glorious happy old days, and she works really hard on the manor, which she has never done before. And when she comes across a Yankee soldier on her manor, she bravely kills him instead of screaming and running away, which in the past she would be very likely to do. To make a living, she establishes her own wood business, and runs it quite well. Despite her egoism, she is undoubtedly a strong-hearted woman who will never give in to fate and who actually has a kind heart and savvy mind. Those are merits difficult to be found in women of her time. 

As a matter of fact, I am not sure whether I like or dislike her. I admire her frankness, bravery and persistence, but I despise her perception of love. Another key role, Rhett Butler, gains my favor more. He is just as perseverant in pursuing love, but much more mature than Scarlett. 

Unlike Scarlett, he knows his love well, and knows how to love the other. He knows Scarlett is childish and vain, but he tolerates it, rather than get furious with it or try to change it. For example, on the ball in Atlantic, when he knows Scarlett loves dancing but is not supposed to dance because she is in her widowhood, he invites her to dance with him in the name of fundraising for the Southern army, which satisfies her desire and at the same time avoids getting her into blame or gossip. And whenever Scarlett is in need, he just gives her whatever he can, regardless of what he may get from her. Deep in his heart, he likes to see Scarlett happy. That is what I believe love is: to love to see your beloved one happy. Besides R’s perception of love, his bravery and resourcefulness also impress me. 

He must have a strong love for his mother land; otherwise he will not bother to join the Southern army even though he himself knows very well that the South will soon end in failure. And he is so resourceful a man that he manages to transport munitions from North to South and make a large sum of money out of the trade. But what I see in him is not just about merits, after all. 

I also see in him a flighty heart and a selfish mind, which, although, might not be what he himself likes but the result of the times. Throughout his life I dare say he may well have loved and kept in relationship with not a few women. And despite his gentleness, he is also kind of selfish. For instance, he misappropriates the fund of the Southern army. Anyway, I like Rhett. He is in general a respectable good man. 

All in all, the story was very realistic, and the characters very close to life. Perhaps that’s why this novel is so famous and popular ever since it came out. For my own part, I like the novel, for it not only presents me an affecting story, but makes me think about much: about love, and about life.

Best Regards,

The first lesson


Thank’s Harvard and Professer Fried for inviting me. I am honored to reply you guys-Harvarder how to learn Chinese well and how to improve literary cultivation. Long story short, let’s start! At first, you guys need join the learning Chinese class or group:such as Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association where you can grasp the emphasis of Chinese,which makes you know Chinese is not hard as a whole.

Secondly,I am sure you are interested in reading Chinese book and watching Chinese Center TV,such as: My roommate is a detective(民国奇探), lol! Which not only makes you know great Chinese culture and history,but also helps you improve your Chinese skills quickly.

Thirdly,learning and singing Chinese are interesting for you,especially the popular songs.

At last,If you want to learn Chinese in word and deed,you should make friends with Chinese,which makes you study well in the end.

Best Regards,
From Spring Shanghai, China

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This post By Dr. Fried.

Dear Lujia, welcome to Harvard. It is Harvard and my honor to invite you to be our Guest Prof. and online teacher at Harvard. I wish you enjoy youself here.

Best wishes from Boston
J. Fried
April 5th, 2021

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