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The first lesson


Thank’s Harvard and Professer Fried for inviting me. I am honored to reply you guys-Harvarder how to learn Chinese well and how to improve literary cultivation. Long story short, let’s start! At first, you guys need join the learning Chinese class or group:such as Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association where you can grasp the emphasis of Chinese,which makes you know Chinese is not hard as a whole.

Secondly,I am sure you are interested in reading Chinese book and watching Chinese Center TV,such as: My roommate is a detective(民国奇探), lol! Which not only makes you know great Chinese culture and history,but also helps you improve your Chinese skills quickly.

Thirdly,learning and singing Chinese are interesting for you,especially the popular songs.

At last,If you want to learn Chinese in word and deed,you should make friends with Chinese,which makes you study well in the end.

Best Regards,
From Spring Shanghai, China