Lesson 4: Ordinary yet unique


To me,you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys.And I have no need of you.And you,on your part,have no need of me.To you,I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes.But if you tame me,then we shall need each other.To me,you will be unique in all the world.To you,I shall be unique in all the world.-via Little Prince

Little Prince chiefly tells of a story concerning a lonely prince who is loyal but contrary to love. On the one hand, he overly falls in love with a rose in his planet by reason that her fragrance and beauty are notably charming. On the other hand, conversely, he is too young to know how to love the proud flower. Accordingly, he eventually leaves his rose with tears in eyes. Nevertheless, the pain of separation has long concerned him during his travel along massive planets. In the course of reading the book, I gradually understood the meaning of mature love.

First and foremost, what mature love is like: mature love must be reasonable, consistent and candid. Immature love can be disturbing. What invariably occurs is that lovers often feel hurt only because they are improperly loving each other. Immature love makes them inconsistent, or even unreasonable. For instance, it’s immature love that makes the rose pretend to be strong so as to avoid being caught crying when they separate from each other; it’s immature love that makes little prince determined to leave the rose. Additionally, immature love makes both little prince and the rose contrary. Little prince is confessional because he ought never to run away from the rose but he does. The rose confides it’s her fault that little prince has not known her love all the while.

Moreover, the reason why we love: love makes people unique in all world. As little prince says:” An ordinary passerby would think that my rose looks just like you. But in herself alone she is more important than all hundreds of you other roses. Because she is my rose.” I cherish a belief that the time we put into the beloved gives us a feeling of love and responsibility, and then a sense of attachment and belonging, which finally makes the beloved unique in the world. The people we love may have an ordinary looking, live an ordinary life, or pass in the crowded. Once we look upon them as an inalienable part of our life, nevertheless, they turn into shiny gold and nobody can be qualified to replace them.

Last but not the least, how to love others: one is expected to be responsible for what he has tamed. If it were otherwise, our planet would be filled with the broken-hearted. It’s love that forces people to bear the duty to serve as a responsible man. In the story, little prince makes the acquaintance of enormous people, including a mass of roses who are indistinguishable from his rose and a lovely fox who is enormously in love with him. Be that as it may, he eventually chooses to risk danger in desperation to return to his rose, paying a price of being bitten by the poisonous snake. Without doubt, I am deeply moved by his loyalty and see an extremely strong sense of responsibility in him. Be responsible for what one has tamed. That’s the most momentous experience I gain from Little Prince, I maintain.

To sum up, we can conclude that perfect love needs maturity and responsibility. And as a reward, it will make one the most unique in lover’s eyes. I will cherish as unforgettable treasure in my mind.

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  1. Wilton

    April 27, 2021 @ 2:13 am


    Yep,I shall be unique in all the world.

    Thank you, Prof. Lujia. Amazing course.


  2. RaMarcus

    April 27, 2021 @ 2:15 am


    It’s NEAT!

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