One Book- Important things for Online Marketing

In today’s world, companies understand that their customers are online and that to beat or even join the competition and online strategy is necessary, the problem is that with online marketing there are so many options and variables that getting it right isn’t as easy as one may assume. Digital marketing is comprised of many disciplines including: SEM (Search Engine marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media, Email marketing, Marketing Automation, Growth marketing, Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and the list goes on.

How Digital Marketing works

While there are many platforms, which can be used, the general idea is that there are publishers, companies that have ad space inventory and advertisers, those who want to advertise on the ad space. Google for example has two main advertising platforms, it has AdSense which enables people with websites, blogs, forums and other online media to add Google ads to their site, it then also has AdWords which enables advertisers to bid and place ads on those sites. Google works as a mediator between the publisher and advertiser and takes a cut, so for example if a click on an ad cost $1 the advertiser pays $1, the publisher would then get like $0.68 and Google would get like $0.32 (hypothetical numbers).

Each platform offers various targeting options and bidding options based on their inventory but the general idea is the same, the Digital Marketers job is to understand all these mechanisms and elements and understand how to choose the right combination and build a strategy for a particular business.

So how can you make sure you are doing it right?

The answer is simple, read as much as you can, join mailing lists of various publications such as Social Media Today, Social Media Week, Marketing Land, MOZ, MarketingProfs etc. Join Digital marketing groups on LinkedIn and read up on it as much as you can.

While I have personally read many marketing books “Secrets Of A Digital Marketing Ninja” by Daniel Rosenfeld is by far one of the best books I have recently read on the subject, it gives you an in-depth understanding of the various tools but more importantly the structure and base upon which to use them. The book is written not only for marketers who want to improve their online knowledge but also for business managers and entrepreneurs who want to gain an understanding of digital marketing and improve their ventures.

Tips for becoming a ninja in digital marketing

  • Never stop learning

The digital marketing industry is rapidly growing and the competition is increasing day by day. In this tough zone, in order for you to succeed, you must have the eagerness and passion to learn more and more every day. Only then you will be able to compete in this unbelievably competitive field.

  • Stay up to date

Always keep on your toes, huge platform like Google, Facebook and Twitter change their advertising policies within the blink of an eye. You must learn to keep up with their speed and always check in on social media regularly for latest updates.

These few websites will help you keep posted about everything that is happening and should be your concern.

PPC – PPC HeroSearch Engine Land

  • The importance of networking

Engage with others in your network, while you may be a pro, there is much to learn and many opportunities out there. You network can also help recommend tactics, tools and even suggest co-workers. Attend professional conferences as much as possible; they are the key to meeting new people and making you network bigger.

  • Personal ideas

Just because you are working for a client, doesn’t mean you are bound to him. Use your own creativity. Take projects that you like or initiate your own. You have the talent, learn to use it in the best ways possible.

  • Learning terminologies

If you want to be a marketing expert, some of the basic terminologies of this field should be on your fingertips and their concepts must be crystal clear to you. Digital marketers need to be comfortable with acronyms such as PPC, SEM and SEO. They are all very different terms with a misunderstanding of them being a clear sign that you have a beginner’s skill set and need further training.

There are tons of people out there that are working day and night to become an expert marketer. Companies will always find candidates suitable for their jobs but what you need to understand is that instead of focusing on a company’s attributes, focus on what you can do best and choose your field wisely. Specialize in something that you know you will be good at.

8 great invention ideas of children around the world

Ice cream, snowmobile, and braille are some of the great inventions of kid inventors in the past. In this article, we will together explore how these children can produce new invention ideas.

1. Ice cream

In 1905, Frank Epperson, a 11-year-old child in San Francisco, USA stirred soda powder in a glass of water and left on the patio in a bitterly cold night. Next morning, Epperson discovered that his drink had turned into a frozen lollipop. After many years of making this food for friends to enjoy, he submitted an application for invention for patent in 1924.

2. Braille

Louis Braille (1809-1852) suffered a serious eye injury at the age of three. The accident not only caused this boy to lose sight on one side, and then gradually spread to the other one. After one decade of trying to use his fingers to identify the letters in school textbooks, Braille learned how to exchange secret information in the French military with the 12-dot system at the age of 12. He simplified the system and produced the Braille in 1824 with only six dots.

The revolution of tactile writing system for the blind was developed by another teenager. In 2014, Shubham Banerjee, a 12-year-old Indian American created Braigo printers with the price of $200.

3. Trampoline

As a teenage gymnast, George Nissen (USA) and his coach created an elastic device that helps develop the strength and the rebound to perform a jump. Initially, this tool was made from wasted steel and tires. Later, it  was developed into the verson that was called “trampoline”, which becomes a famous sport all over the world.

An interesting story is that in the 1950s, gas stations bought the trampolines to help children get more energy while they wait for their parents to get petrol.

4. Christmas lights

Before the electric lamp was invented, many people decorated Christmas trees with candles. But this decoration could lead to the risk that the flames caught dry branches and needles. However, even when electric lights came into exsitence, people are much more concerned about fires.

In 1917, Albert Sadacca, a 15-year-old teenager took advantage of the belief in electricity of many people. Before that time, the people who would like to try Christmas tree lights had to spend a lot of money. Sadacca had a new invention idea of ​​creating the Christmas light at reasonable costs. This product was manufactured by the decoration company of his parents. Due to the creativity of Albert Sadacca, the festive season of that year is filled with colorful lights.

5. Toy truck

In 1962, a 5-year-old American boy named Robert Patch used two shoeboxes and some bottle caps to create a transport vehicle that could be converted into three different types including dump trucks, flatbed trucks and tank trucks.

His father, an intellectual lawyer, saw the potential and asked a patent for his son. Robert Patch became the youngest person to have a patent at the time. He signed his name with the letter “X” because he did not know how to write yet.

6. Snowmobile

Joseph-Armand Bombardier (Quebec, Canada is fond of assembling and repairing machinery. On New Year’s Eve 1922, he brought the surprise to his family with a new invention: a motorcycle going on snow.

The 15-year-old inventor continued to improve the snowbile for many years. By 1959, the superlight Ski-Doo was born.

7. Water talkies

In 1996, a 5-grade student named Richie Stachowski in California, USA invented Water Talkie, a device that allowed to talk underwater. This invention was regarded as a breakthrough. After that, Stachowski expanded his product lines by his own company named Short Stack. In 1999, the 13-year-old entrepreneur sold Short Stack to a San Francisco-based toy company.

8. Superman

On a hot summer night in 1934, Jerry Siegel (USA) had trouble sleeping and started to think about the favorite science fiction stories. Watching the moon outside the window, Siegel came up with a new invention idea. He noted this ideas and came to met his friend Joe Shuster, who was an artist.

Because of the creativity of both of them, the outline was finished. Four years later, they found a comic publisher. Until now, Superman becomes one of the most famous superhero characters in the world.