“SHOOTING” Anthony Hayes during the last five minutes of his life

I‘ve been trying to find out something about the (apparently schizophrenic) 38 year old black man who was surrounded by about one dozen New Orleans police officers on Monday, and then shot down.   He used to eat at the neighborhood MacDonalds.  Anyone know him?   I tried Google.   “Black Man Shot By Police New Orleans” returns 1,870,000 hits.  And only two were about this particular incident.  Kind of amazing.  

Was it murder?  The police a couple of hours ago said that the man lunged at the officers with a knife, but that part of the video is missing.   Confrontations involving blacks thought to be deranged and police officers end in black fatalities at three times the rate of those involving whites.   And blacks are twice as likely to be denied medical treatment for mental and emotional disorders.  

So, has someone published a code of conduct for urban blacks?  And at what point does erratic behavior warrant a fusillade from the guns of the police?   And, while we’re at it, what kind of person straps on a gun to carry against his own people for money?  And willingly identifies himself with such a malignant cause as the modern capitalist state?

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