From Adolfo, 10/30/07:

I thought I would let you all know that today, by unanimous decision, the Peruvian High Court (Sala Penal Nacional) threw out the last case against me.

This is a 9 nil victory against the persecution initiated by the Peruvian state under Fujimori against me for reason of my ideas.

I have a lot to thank you all for your unflinching solidarity in defending the values of real and complete democracy.

I was originally charged with 9 offenses, carrying the maximum penalty of life imprisonment. I had until today’s verdict won already 8, but if I had won 8-1 against the Peruvian state, I would have still been condemned to 25 years in jail. However, I have now won a clean slate, having in fact to win twice on this one particular charge, which really should count as a ten nil victory. Still remains the Supreme Court’s necessary seal of approval to the High Court’s verdict, but that is basically a formality, although it may be necessary to put some pressure at some time for them to act in a reasonable time, because in Peru they may sit on these things until kingdom come, and this international kidnapping has already gone on for far too long. So, please keep this in mind and don’t forget I am still in need of your international solidarity.

Thanks again for your interest and support in my case, and I remain yours,

Adolfo Olaechea

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