In the Case of Adolfo Olaechea


When Adolfo Olaechea Cahuas calls himself a “Maoist Intellectual”, he is not being immodest.   Indeed, he is considered by many to be among the leading Marxist thinkers in the West today.   A member of a prominent Peruvian family, he has lived in exile in London for many years.   Adolfo has long been known for his tireless efforts on behalf of the poor and oppressed (he is the Secretary General of Justice International, a prominent human rights organization), and has often run afoul of powerful institutions and individuals in the course of his work.

Last July, while on a business trip to Spain (he heads his own translation firm), he was arrested on an Interpol warrant and charged with numerous crimes of terrorism directed against the government of Peru.    This current warrant is actually a reprise of a 1992 indictment handed down by the courts of Alberto Fujimori, the now disgraced former Prime Minister now in hiding in Japan, and his jailed intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos.    When the successor comprador regime of Alejandro Toledo was installed by the United States State Department and CIA, a new demand for the head of Adolfo Olaechea was forthcoming, even though the original charges had been examined and dismissed by the British Government more than a decade earlier.

‘On the Central Committee of Shining Path’

Among the charges in each warrant is the ridiculous claim that Adolfo somehow sits on the “central committee” of “Sendero Luminoso” – the name given by western media to the insurgent Communist Party of Peru.   Car bombings, ambushes and other acts of violence also form parts of the indictment against Adolfo, which, again, recall the discredited 1992 warrant almost word for word.   Adolfo Olaechea has vigorously denied all these charges.

Although the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg strongly expressed its opposition to his extradition to Lima, Adolfo was removed to Peru in August 2003 and incarcerated at the notorious Castro Castro prison (for a graphic account of his prison stay, see   During this time, a worldwide movement in defense of Adolfo’s rights was formed with its headquarters in London (   In November of 2003, Adolfo was released on bail by the Peruvian judiciary due to a complete lack of evidence against him.   The Peruvian government, itself foundering in a grave political crisis, is asking the Audiencia Nacional (High Court) in Madrid to extend Adolfo’s extradition order so as to be able to charge Mr Olaechea with other purported crimes.

Adolfo’s Petition

There is currently a petition before the Spanish Council of Ministers in Madrid to rescind the original extradition order against Adolfo Olaechea, thus effectively securing his return to his family in London.   Among the pleas is the charge that such an extension of the charges against Adolfo is a direct violation of the “principle of extraditional speciality” enshrined in international law, particularly in cases of Simplified Extraditions, such as Mr Olaechea’s.   Too, the total lack of evidence inherent in the original extradition confirms the suspicions of the European Court of Human Rights that Adolfo would not receive a fair and impartial trial.   In fact, such a lack of credible evidence confirms the suspicion that this prosecution is based not on facts, but solely on the political interests of the Peruvian State.

We are asking our readers to review the Petition and to consider signing it.   For more information, please free to call the Olaechea Defense Committee at 401 749 7051 or email

[Editor’s note] Speaking to Adolfo yesterday (May 6th) he once again denounced the charges against him (“the war on terrorism is based on lies, lies, lies!”) and wondered aloud which would prove more durable, Toledo’s prosecution or the Peruvian regime itself.   Hopefully, neither is long for this world.   

Adolfo sends greetings to everyone.








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