Weinberger Interviews Craig(slist) Newmark

June 14th, 2007

David Weinberger
Everything is Miscellaneous

Wired News/Berkman Center Podcast Series

Over ten years ago Craig Newmark began Craigslist as a community site for San Francisco. Today it plays host to over 17 million posts worldwide and receives 20 million visitors each month. Amazingly Craig has maintained the intended “non-commercial” characteristics of the site, which brings with it both pros and cons.

Berkman Fellow David Weinberger recently spoke with Craig for the latest in his series of interviews for Wired. The discussed both what has made the site so successful as well as the irony of the success that came from an unstructured, non-commercial enterprise that has been slow to adapt its structure.

In spite of competition from commercial sites, Craigslist has continued to grow in popularity, which relates directly to David’s latest work Everything is Miscellaneous, where he addresses the organization of information in the digital age and how the categories and placement of information in real space is badly outdated.

The interview is available as a podcast on the Wired blog and David’s recent work, Everything is Miscellaneous, is available on the Berkman Books page. David’s entire interview series with Internet luminaries is available on the Wired Blog.

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