Weinberger Interviews BBC’s Sambrook

June 27th, 2007

David Weinberger
Everything is Miscellaneous

Wired News/Berkman Center Podcast Series

In his latest interview for Wired, Berkman Fellow David Weinberger speaks with BBC News Director Richard Sambrook about the migration of news to online mediums.

As they discuss, there are a number of issues that come into play with this conversion, some that remove pre-existing controls and editorial rights that news outlets once held exclusively.

They are forced to reconsider the organization of information since a “front page” is no longer a broadsheet or a tabloid, but stretches as far down as someone is willing to scroll. And there are also more interactive tools that help the readers to decide what’s important or interesting, thereby wresting some predictability and control away from an intended focus. Their conversation continues as they address a number of other issues such interaction and fundamental change bring about.

The complete interview is available as a podcast, transcript, and MP3 download. David’s recent work, Everything is Miscellaneous, is also available on the Berkman Books page. The entire interview series with Internet luminaries is available on the Wired Blog.

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