Taking Questions for Zittrain & Lessig on…Killswitches!!

February 18th, 2011

In its first season Jonathan Zittrain & Lawrence Lessig took on Wikileaks, Competition, Net Neutrality, and Corruption.

To kick off a new season, Jonathan and Larry take on the Killswitch.

As ubiquitous and disparate as the internet seems, events from Burma to the Middle East have shown that web services can actually be suspended if the influence is strong enough. In the United States a bill is making its way through Congress that would give the White House the authority to effectively shut down the web under certain circumstances. The recent situation in Egypt and the progress of the US bill have raised a few questions: What kinds of impacts would an Internet killswitch have on civil liberties, on business, and on the health of the net? Is stopping the Internet even possible? Could an Internet killswitch even be a good idea?

Zittrain and Lessig will be joined by Andrew McLaughlin, Berkman alum and former Deputy CTO for the White House, and take questions from the audience.

Want to get your question in? Leave it here in the comments or submit it to us on Twitter @radioberkman!
Image CC-licensed by notionscapital

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