Who is who?


Interesting article that came to me via the indispensable Romenesko makes a plausible case for the Sulzbergers sooner or later selling the NY Times to Google. Reminded me of talking to David Hornik while he was here at Berkman and he just in passing said “the big media companies like Google and Microsoft…” My comment that Google claims not to be a media company justifiably made him giggle.

Meanwhile, I had never seen the site that published the article originally, Real Clear Markets, so I went to their “about us” page and found it and their “contact” page both blank and wondered who they were. I eventually found out by going to their parent Real Clear Politics, which has been around since 2000, aka since the beginning of time (remember, I was specifically hired for this project because I haven’t been paying attention to this stuff till now). But I wondered whether there has been discussion in the community? industry? about a standard for disclosure of ownership structure, business models, etc. Another task for a watchdog/media literacy ngo I suppose.

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