Human Rights Lawyer and Colleague Still Detained in Belarus


In Russian Organized Crime v. American-Russian Law Institute the Russian-American Law Institute explains what they believe to be the reasons for the continued detention of their director Emanuel Zeltser and his secretary Vladena Funk.

Meanwhile this site and this one have been set up specifically to support the campaign to free Zeltser and Funk. A demonstration in support of the pair is planned at the Belarus Consulate in NYC this Wednesday, April 2.

Note: The American Russian Law Institute is a little hard to parse. I only recognize one name on their advisory board but it’s a damn good one:Boris Kuznetsov who until he found himself under attack by the Russian government was helping defend my colleague Manana Aslamazyan and the Educated Media Foundation. Background and current news on that ongoing case is at the Internews Netork site.

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