Librarians Rock!


(but you knew that, right?)
Thanks to Christine Gorman and her Global Health Report for sharing the inspiring story of librarians on a couple of mailing lists breaking a great story about some over-zealous folks at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Communication Programs (Mike Bloomberg, take back that donation!) had decided that US government funded Popline, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest database on reproductive health,” should not allow people to search on the term “abortion.” The story then got to blogosphere and from there to the traditional media (in this context more than ever not to be called the MSM for “mainstream media”)

The saddest thing is that this was classic self-censorship, the Popline folks decided on their own to do this, presumably in hopes of avoiding angering the administration that brought us the Global Gag Rule.

Naughty Librarians’ Convention 2008
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