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I have found myself feeling simply exhausted and helpless in the face of the deferential-to-Israel news coverage and the relentlessly pro-Israeli opinion in the so-called prestige press in the US. Even when the coverage is fair, I’m too depressed to take in any more reports about the violence against civilians in Gaza and Israel.

I found some relief in this excellent article on Global Voices that highlights two bloggers in Gaza and Israel who are maintaining a daily dialogue and managing to focus on peace and hope rather than blame.

One, known as Peace Man, writes from Gaza:

It is hard to describe what is going on in Gaza , a terrible disaster, where the aircraft do not distinguish between civilians and military and children.

His friend in Sderot, Israel observes:

The war was a great mistake, however it is no wonder that so many people in Israel support it. The ongoing reality of rockets falling in Sderot and other places for 8 years is a terrible reality. Many people of our region have left it for good over the years. Bringing up children in such a reality seems almost abusive and certainly irresponsible.

Go read the whole thing, it should shame us all that there are people living under the falling bombs who are less hate-filled than the commentators here. Thank you, Global Voices, for this and your other coverage of the war, from which the two images here were borrowed.

Images: “We are all Gaza” from a Moroccan blog called the Mirror; photo from eatbees, both via Global Voices.

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  1. David Prum

    January 3, 2009 @ 12:03 pm



    I am in complete sympathy with your exhaustion and disgust.

    However I am also full of hope. The interwoven delusions of Israeli hardliners and their American enablers have been thoroughly exposed during the last few weeks. I believe we are on the verge of a complete revolution in the US in our tolerance for Israeli resistance to cutting a reasonable deal for the Palestinians. Americans who are not in politics and do not have prominent jobs in the media are awake to how lopsided our policies are, and they are starting to get restless.

    I also believe (I want to believe.)that key members of the Obama administration are quietly livid at Israel’s attempt to box him in early, by forcing him to embrace Israel from the get go, while they are being particularly outrageous. It is as if they are trying to inoculate the new administration against the possibility of a fresh start with the Islamic world. Obama must demonstrate his independence as soon as possible.

    Hamas gets no pass. You say you are a pacifist. You could also note that pacifism is also the most powerful strategy for the Palestinians. They would long ago have achieved a state of their own if they had taken a Ghandian approach. Israel cannot be beaten militarily (yet), but not enough Palestinians have realized that like the British in India they can be shamed into doing the right thing.

    Hamas is happily calculating the numbers of fanatics recruited with each death in Gaza. Israel has played directly into a Hamas trap. As in Lebanon, the ultimate winners will be the extremists.

  2. Persephone Miel

    January 3, 2009 @ 4:23 pm



    Thanks for your support. Of course Hamas’ murderous and cynical conduct is reprehensible and must be condemned, never mind that it is also a losing strategy. Let us hope that the Obama administration can do the right thing.