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Beyond Broadcast Some barebones notes and links, my fingers and brain not fast enough to liveblog like EthanZ – go read his blog. Also a pretty lively Twitter stream via #bb2009. (anyone got faster-refreshing twitter search suggestions?)

Most wonderful that Beyond Broadcast this year is a) much more international and b) 2.5 days long, time enough to actually talk to more of the terrific folks who are here.

Lots of video streams available too. Fascinating keynote by Sandra Ball-Rokeach, communication professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication about her work with Metamorph. I’m looking forward to spending time there.

Myoungjoon Kim, president, MediAct, seems like a great guy, his group mixes up media training and policy advocacy. He’s very worried that S. Korea is on the verge of regulating Internet content.

Lova Rakotomalala, co-founder, Foko-Madagascar, and author, Global Voices Online
Tells a moving story of Razily, a blogger who walked alone towards armed Malagasy soldiers. Meanwhile, Lova is now sitting next to me as I type this and documenting the event: Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Anthony Ian M. Cruz, president, TXTPower from the Phillipines has a membership organzation that unites cellphone users (see the “texters’ declaration” which begins:

We, cell phone subscribers of all ages and classes, inspired by our role as information providers in People Power 2, conscious of our rights as consumers and citizens, and believing that power lies at the hands of a united people, declare…

Happy to catch up with old friends from Global Pulse and MadMundo gangs, and learn the exciting news that we can now see news from Al-Jazeera English on LinkTV every evening (10 pm Eastern/7 pm Pacific). Mostly, though the non-US media folks and online activists are putting most of the rest of us to shame. Hope we can get to looking at the question of how US media can tap into all this energy.

Image: Lova’s cameraphone shot from the afternoon breakout on conflict and media shows me blogging, with Ethan (on floor) and Colin in the background.

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