The Little Red Riding Hood / Charles Perrault


“The Little Red Riding Hood” is a timeless fable that provides valuable insights into effective management practices, such as experience, results-driven approach, and intelligent decision-making.

The main character, Little Red Riding Hood, represents an inexperienced young person, while the wolf embodies an experienced and goal-oriented manager. The wolf has a clear goal and vision of staying safe and increasing his food supply. He achieves his goal through intelligent management practices, such as identifying potential threats, delaying his impulses, and collecting information to identify opportunities.


One of the wolf’s biggest advantages over Little Red Riding Hood is his access to information and ability to use it strategically. He conceals his intentions, while Little Red Riding Hood is too trusting and reveals important information that the wolf can use to his advantage. In business, information is a valuable asset, and effective managers use it to make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Effective management also requires questioning assumptions, as assumptions can create a filter that distorts our perception. Little Red Riding Hood assumes that the wolf is harmless and trustworthy, while the wolf uses her false assumptions to his advantage. In business, it’s crucial to challenge assumptions and consider multiple perspectives to make informed decisions.

Finally, effective managers have a clear goal, a sense of urgency, and a results-driven approach. The wolf’s focus is on reaching the grandmother’s house before Little Red Riding Hood, acquiring the first customer, and waiting for the next. He capitalizes on opportunities and takes decisive action to achieve his goal. Little Red Riding Hood, on the other hand, fails to read the circumstances and falls victim to the wolf’s deception.

In conclusion, “The Little Red Riding Hood” highlights the importance of experience, intelligent decision-making, and results-driven approach in effective management. By learning from the fable’s lessons, inexperienced employees can become successful business leaders.

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