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The Washington Institute in Arabic

From David Schenker As everyone who follows the Middle East knows, in recent years there’s been a veritable explosion of Arabic language news sources on the region. The proliferation of satellite news channels, blogs, and websites offers Middle Easterners and outside scholars a lot of choices. Traditionally, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy has […]

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New: Upcoming events at Harvard

From MESH Admin If you are situated at Harvard or nearby, you now have another reason to visit MESH every day, in addition to the weblog. Scroll down to the lower end of the right sidebar for upcoming events from the calendars of the Weatherhead Center, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and the Belfer […]

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Iran’s methodical march

From Mark T. Clark Iran is already posing new challenges to the Obama administration. Two recent developments in its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are worth mentioning. First, The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a recent report on Iranian nuclear activities. The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), a Washington-based think tank, analyzed […]

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From Alan Dowty In the week since Israelis went to the polls, the operative word in the media seems to be “inconclusive,” based on the near-tie between the two largest parties and the prospect of bone-wearying bargaining before a government emerges. Both observations are true, but nevertheless the election did register a sharp and significant […]

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Soldiers sour Turkey-Israel ties

From Michael Reynolds That Turkish-Israeli relations are experiencing a crisis became apparent to all the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Israeli President Shimon Peres exchanged harsh, emotional, and even insulting words Such public and personal recriminations between ostensible allies are virtually unheard of. […]

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Egypt and Gaza after the war

From Michele Dunne During the recent Israeli military operation and subsequent efforts to reach a durable ceasefire, Egypt demonstrated that it has two principal interests related to Gaza: first, avoiding taking on responsibility for the one and a half million Palestinians living there; and second, transferring control of Gaza back to the Palestinian Authority led […]

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Iran and the Arabs… and Obama

From Michael Young .

. Is Iran trying to create a “Shiite crescent,” as its Arab critics insist, or is it a country merely interested in helping the oppressed in the Middle East, Sunnis and Shiites alike? That’s the question indirectly posed in this news report from Al-Jazeera […]

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