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Illicit money trail leads to Central Bank of Iran

From Raymond Tanter When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton declared, “That’s where the money is.” Following the money trail has led to U.S. and UN sanctions on Iranian banks involved in the financing of terrorism and WMD technology purchases.

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MEK: State’s irrelevant allegations

From Raymond Tanter On April 30, the U.S. Department of State released the 2007 edition of Country Reports on Terrorism, which reports descriptions of State Sponsors of Terrorism and groups listed as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Country Reports rightly identifies the Iranian regime as the “most active state sponsor of terrorism,” which is consistent with evidence […]

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From Raymond Tanter Since December 2006, the UN Security Council and the United States Government have rightly used designation lists to counter the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities and pursuit of nuclear weapons. Ironically, Washington also designates as terrorist the regime’s main opposition, although it is a prime source of vital intelligence about Iran’s nuclear programs.

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