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Iraq: options by elimination

From Stephen Peter Rosen …when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” —Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) What are the alternatives available to the United States in Iraq? Three appear to be worth considering. First, the United States might consider withdrawing its forces to the areas that produce […]

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MESHNet is coming

From Stephen Peter Rosen and Martin Kramer From the inception of this public website, we imagined that it would have a companion forum for the exchange of ideas among persons with a professional interest in U.S. strategy and foreign policy. We call that companion MESHNet. MESHNet is a members-only message board, ideal for hosting open […]

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From Stephen Peter Rosen I am worried. Last year I did some historical research on the shifts in discourse within British, Japanese, and South African official elites prior to their use of biological weapons. In all these cases, including the deliberate distribution of small pox-infected blankets by the British in North America, the use of […]

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Pakistan’s military tested

From Stephen Peter Rosen The possibility that widespread social unrest in Pakistan might have implications for the security of Pakistani nuclear weapons has always been discounted by those who point, correctly, to the highly professional character of the Pakistani Army. In a set of interviews released late this fall, General Musharraf tried to reassure Americans […]

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Iran NIE and a prediction

From Stephen Peter Rosen For the most part, the arguments about the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran have been and will be a debate, not about intelligence, but about Bush foreign policy. But the NIE also provides an opportunity to assess our own ability to do assessments, by publicly stating what we think the […]

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MESH is launched

From Stephen Peter Rosen and Martin Kramer Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH) is open for business. Why do we think there’s a need for another weblog, and why at Harvard? The Middle East today receives saturation coverage in the mainstream and alternative media, journals, and books. But we feel there’s no such thing as […]

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