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Tours to Egypt and Jordan to explore a lot

Egypt and Jordan Short Package

Egypt is one of the world’s oldest nations, covering a wide range of tourist attractions. For those who want to explore archeological sites and other items in depth, it is a perfect destination. Jordan is a West Asian Arab country with many famous sightseeing spots. On the other hand, anyone who wants to visit both Egypt and Jordan at one time must select the right package for their budgets. This will help a lot in creating the best memories on a vacation to ensure more fun.

Taking a stunning trip to Egypt and Jordan

Egypt and Jordan both cover important spots allowing tourists to get more detailed information about several items. Some of the things covered in the tour are Nile cruise, Pyramids, King Tut’s treasures, Saqqara desert, etc. A trip to Jordan makes it possible for tourists to enjoy the Dead Sea, the ancient city of Petra, Jerash, etc. Another thing is that for feeling more joy, they can see impressive monuments in both countries. At the same time, a package that meets tourist criteria must be chosen.

How are you going to travel to Egypt and Jordan?

There are several tour operators offering Egypt and Jordan Tours at affordable prices ranging from 7 days or more. Some of the important services included in the package include airport transfers, domestic flights, sightseeing tours, an English speaking guide, restaurant meals, hotel accommodation, entrance fees and a bottle of water. A tour operator will arrange everything from pickup to drop to allow tourists to plan their trip accordingly. However, it is advisable to carry out a comprehensive study of tour operators from different sources in order to make a better decision.

Planning a tour of Egypt and Petra

Petra is a historic and archeological town in southern Jordan well known for its temples and other sites. Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, has a lot to offer visitors, allowing them to experience full entertainment. Egypt and Petra tours allow a person to plan a journey with options to show ways to reach complete satisfaction. Apart from that, they provide methods for traveling with children and others to overcome unwanted problems. It is very important to consider the prices, as they may differ from one tour operator to another.

Wanting to fly to Egypt and Jordan

At the same time will learn more about certain issues to minimize the risks. Many of them include conditions for permits, local laws, tipping, etc. A copy of passport, visa, and other important documents should be carried when traveling to important places. Before making a trip to both nations, travelers must work with a reliable travel operator to handle complex issues. It also offers ways to schedule a tour to ensure peace of mind in advance. Most tour operators provide visitors with quotes to choose a package according to their needs.

All you need to know about Cairo


The city of Cairo has always been able to grab everyone’s attention by containing a massive collection of monuments and artifacts that date back to more than 5000 thousand years. The capital of Egypt Cairo, has acted as a historical hub for the ancient Egyptian history to the Coptic era and the Islamic age. In Cairo lies the first capital of Egypt Memphis  that was constructed in 2,000 BC by king Menes whose dynasty founded the old Kingdom , also within the walls lies the oldest structure in the city The Roamn Babylon fortress which was constructed in the 1st century at the beginning of the Coptic era of Egypt and housed a number of churches around it. After the end of the Coptic era by the conquest of Islamic General Amr Ibn Alas in 10th century AD who establishes the city of Fustat then came the Fatimid and Mamaluk dynasties who constructed many mosques and the foundation of the current city of Cairo that became the center of Islamic learning and culture. If you looking for experiencing a true miracle then your Egypt tour packages will be more excitement and extremely completed with Luxor and Aswan Travel which will take you on this magical journey.

The Pyramids

Located near Cairo is the famous city of Giza, the home of the majestic Giza Plateau. It lies 20km north of Memphis which explains why it was chosen to hold the Three Great Pyramids and the sole Guardian of Egypt the sphinx. This archaeological site is located in the Western desert 9 km (5 mi) west of the Nile river and 13 km (8 mi) southwest of Cairo. It houses one of the last remaining seven wonders of the ancient world the great pyramid of Khufu (CHEOPS). It was built in 2600 BC by Pharaoh Khufu to become his final resting place and his way to ascend in the heaven with the gods. It reaches the height of 147 m (481.4 ft) which makes it the tallest man-made building in the world for about 3.800 years. Next to it the pyramid of king Khafre (Chefren) the son of Khufu, his construction was built in 2540 BC and is 10 ft shorter than his father’s and right in front of it is the oldest statue in the history of mankind. It has the body of a lion and the head of a man commonly known as a sphinx.  Then comes the Pyramid of Menkaure who ascended in throne around 2539 BC the smallest of the three and hold the tomb of king Menkaure.

Coptic Era

The Coptic era took its first breaths during the 1st century AD when the fortress of Babylon was built and soon became a Christian stronghold and around it the construction of about 20 churches took place over the years but only five remain such as the hanging church which dates back to the 4th century and was built into the walls of the water gate of the roman fortress. The is also the monastery of St. Sergius which was built upon the location the holy family used to cross through Cairo. The church of St.Geogre dating to 1909 but dedicated to a martyr in the 10th century. The city also contain the Ben Ezra Synagogue which dates back to the 9th century making it one of the oldest Synagogue built in History. There are many other church also located in old Cairo.

The Islamic Age

After the Coptic era come the Islamic era which took place conquest of Egypt by amr ibn alas in 641 who constructed a mosque of Amr Ibn Alas in the same year to became the first mosque to be built in Africa and it was constructed many times of the years. The city of Cairo became the city of thousand minarets in 969 during the Medieval cairo or Fatimid cairo.  One of the most notable sites built in Cairo the Mosque of Ibn Tulun between 876-879 AD, there is also the Mosque of Al-Azher founded in 970 AD to become one of the oldest university in history. During the Fatimid dynasty the Khan El Khalili Bazaar was constructed in the 14th century to be a center for commerce as it has the biggest concentration of pure antiques and artifacts that melts the hearts away. Cairo enjoys a massive number of mosques but there is one mosques that acts a perfect example of Islamic Mamluk  Architecture in the 14th century, Sultan Hassan Mosque. One attraction can’t be missed is the powerful citadel of Salah El-din, constructed in 12th century to become a fortress that would stand its ground against the crusaders and it also acted as the seat of the government for many years. It is also famous for containing the Mosque of Mohammad Ali a.k.a ” The Alabaster Mosque” which was built between 1830 and 1848 as a way to challenge the Ottoman empire.

How to Plan the Best Egypt Vacation Holiday in 2020?

When it comes to luxurious vacations, most people think of posh cruises or exotic destinations at all-inclusive resorts, but there are plenty of other options. In fact, one of the top luxury destinations right now is Egypt.

Osiris Tours USA - Osiris Tours USA

The Appeal of Vacationing in Egypt

Egyptian tourism is nothing new. The monuments of ancient Egypt are incredible that they’ve drawn visitors for centuries. In fact, rumor has it that European tourists were making the trek down to Egypt when the Greeks were still in the process of building the Acropolis!

Yet despite the history of tourism in Egypt, many Americans have never visited. Over the last few years, political turmoil halted much of the travel that was coming from the United States. But as the country experiences a renewed sense of stability, visitors are coming back in healthy numbers. From everyday travelers to the world’s wealthiest billionaires, Egypt is once again the place to be.

4 Tips for the Perfect Egyptian Vacation

If you’re interested in visiting Egypt, you aren’t alone. But in order to get the most enjoyment possible out of your experience, you’ll need to plan ahead. Here are a few suggestions:

How to Plan a Luxurious Egyptian Vacation

1. Find the Right Airfare

Egypt has its fair share of airports, but there are really three primary international destinations: Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, and Hurghada. For price-sensitive travelers, it may be worth comparing the various options for each. However, you’ll more than likely choose your final destination based on where/why you’re visiting. For example, Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are popular for people who are staying at one of the many seaside resorts in Egypt, while Cairo is the preferred touchdown point for those who want to see the city and the ancient monuments.

Airfare prices really run the gamut. If you purchase far enough in advance (and are traveling during an off-season period), you can find extremely cost-effective options. If you’re buying tickets last minute (or a flight during peak travel season), you could easily spend thousands on a round-trip ticket.

It’s also worth noting that, upon arrival, you’ll be required to get a visa in order to enter Egypt. You can do this online or pay at the airport. Either way, the price is $25.

Aswan, Egypt

2. Register for a Luxury Tour

There’s so much to see and do on an Egyptian vacation. This isn’t a trip where you want to show up and figure things out. This strategy will cause you to miss out on quite a few compelling opportunities.

If you want to see all of the popular sites and best-kept secrets of ancient Egyptian history, your best option is to sign up for a luxury custom tour package. Typical Egyptian tours range from one day up to 12 days and let you choose from the sites and experiences that are most appealing to you and your travel companions.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt!

3. Select Accommodations and Restaurants

In addition to the sites and experiences of Egypt, travelers visit the region for the superior food and accommodations. The sooner you research restaurants, hotels, and resorts, the faster you’ll be able to reserve a spot. For best results, read online reviews, speak with a travel consultant, and solicit advice from people who’ve been to Egypt before.

Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt-

4. Prepare for the Culture

Egypt is equal parts beautiful and unique. It’s a region that’s rich in history, yet surprisingly contemporary. Before embarking on your trip, take the time to prepare for the culture. There are certainly some stark differences between American culture and Egyptian culture. Remember that you’re visiting their country and should, therefore, conform to their standards and customs. Knowing this ahead of time will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Start Planning Your Trip Today

While you can occasionally find good last-minute travel deals, this is the exception – not the rule. By and large, you’ll save money and enjoy greater peace of mind by planning ahead.

Now’s the time to begin planning your Egyptian vacation. Whether you want to relax at an all-inclusive resort on the Nile River or enjoy an action-packed adventure, there’s an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the unique blend of ancient history and modern culture that this rich nation has to offer!

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