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The best way Egypt can be discovered

You can visit Egypt in many ways, but the most impressive is certainly the one on the Nile Cruise. A journey through ancient monuments, objects and panoramas that exude centuries of history: it provides indescribable emotions to cross one of the most famous rivers in the world by boat. The cruise makes visiting the country’s most important sites and landmarks, legacies that speak of one of human history’s most interesting items. Those who visit Egypt and its wonders are only able to “take home” an indelible memory of all they have seen. Egypt is a continuous wonder from the pyramids to the various temples.



It is Egypt’s capital, one of the most critical stages of the journey. Founded with the name of Heliopolis in the Pharaonic period, it is home to the country’s most prominent monuments. Above all, the pyramids of Giza, on the western outskirts of the city: who doesn’t know the pyramid of Cheops (the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that has entered our days), Khafre and Menkaure? And how are you going to forget the iconic Sphinx? And for those who want to retrace Egypt’s history, to discover all the details, there’s the Egyptian Museum where there’s a lot of testimonies and exhibits. It houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of archeological finds from Ancient Egypt.



Located about 700 km from Cairo, it is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It has 4,000 years of history, and houses Luxor’s temple-linked to Karnak’s temple-located in the city center. Luxor rises where the ancient Thebes once stood at the time of the Middle Kingdom, the capital of Egypt.



Another key destination for visitors to Egypt is Aswan. Through history, the site was known for the stone quarries used for the building of the unfinished obelisk and the construction of the necropolis of Giza. It has also been an important military hub since it was established. The city was mentioned and named by the greatest writers and historians of the time, given its strategic function.


Abu Simbel’s archeological site

another landmark during any visit to Egypt, is ABU SIMBEL 280 km south-west of Aswan. It was designed to commemorate the victory in Qadesh’s war, consisting mainly of two huge rock temples. It is one of the world’s most famous archeological sites.



In Egypt there are different types of cruises: one on the Nile, one on Lake Nasser and one on a Dahabeya Nile Cruise, a two-masted triangular sailboat. The first is the cruise offering the largest number of tours (13), which allows guests to choose according to their needs. Two cruise tours are planned on Lake Nasser, during which visitors can see the most beautiful monuments of Ancient Nubia found in the city of Aswan, such as the temple of Abu Simbel, Kalabasha, Beit El Wali and the temple of Wadi El Seboua, the temple of Dakka and the temple of Meharakka, the citadel of Kasr Ibrim. Alternatively, five tours were scheduled for the Dahabeya’s luxurious journey. The pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Cheops Valley Temple, the Egyptian Museum, can be visited during the trips. Shopping in Cairo’s Khan El Khalili tourist market, exploring Islamic Cairo on foot, diving or snorkeling in the Sinai or the Red Sea coastal towns. And visit Luxor, Hatshepsut and Karnak temples and the Kings ‘ Valley.



Culture, trips, social interaction means a trip to Egypt. But that doesn’t mean the tour has to be a stressful experience: Memphis Tours offers a luxurious 5-star service with a highly trained staff available 24 hours a day to the customer. It is the Nile cruises ‘ last frontier, with comprehensive and innovative services. To find out what you can see during the trip, simply visit the Memphis Tours page, which lists all of Egypt’s most important sites and must-see attractions. The site provides detailed pages on all the cruise package features, as well as providing all the directions for booking the trip.

These 5 things you don’t want to skip when you visit the pyramids of Giza

The Giza Pyramids are undoubtedly one of the Middle East’s main travel destinations. There are four places to visit when you arrive: the Great Pyramid (the Khufu Pyramid or Cheops), the Kafre Pyramid (or Chephren), the Menkaure Pyramid (or Mykerinos) and the Sphinx.


Visiting the pyramids, though, is more than just seeing them, taking a few images, and going away. Make sure that you don’t miss the best parts when you go. or you can book a Nile Cruise If you book a tour or fly alone, here’s what you need to see:


  1. Eastern Cemetery The Giza Eastern Cemetery is located to the east of the pyramids. Although it may not be as impressive as the great pyramids you’ve seen before, it’s still worth a look!

This area includes the tombstones (called mastabas) containing the fathers, sisters, and most important officials of Khufu. To be buried here was considered a huge honor. Prince Ankh-haf belongs to the largest of the mastabas and is situated in the cemetery’s northeast corner.

A mastaba is an ancient Egyptian dynasty rectangular tomb with sloping sides and a flat roof. They range in height from 17 to 20 feet and include an underground burial chamber with rooms above where the offerings could be kept by family members and worshippers.


  1. Camel Rides Next to the Sphinx parking lot are the village stables. Not only can you see horses and camels regularly used for transportation in this area, but you can also book a ride on one of them. They are kept in great condition, they provide gentle rides, and they come with the area’s excellent guides. Go around sunset for the pyramid’s best views.


Taking a camel ride around the pyramids might seem a little clich√©, but it’s one thing you won’t regret! Avoid taking a camel ride or wandering around the pyramids from someone on the roadside. Camels can be aggressive so choose a trustworthy camel ride outfit, particularly if they are not safe and well-fed.


  1. Solar Boat Museum Not only were the legendary architects of ancient Egyptians, but they were also travelers. When the Great Pyramid’s east and south sides were excavated in 1954, five deep cavities holding ships were found by archeologists.


Sadly, the Solar Barque now on display at the museum was split into thousands of pieces because it was offered up after the death of the kings. Teams have been working together to build the cedar-wood vessel for several years. Today, the museum’s 4,500-year-old ship is on display.


  1. Sound and Light Show Book tickets to the spectacular sound and light show before flying to Giza. Here a brightly illuminated Sphynx tells the story of the pyramids and the ancients who constructed them by capturing sound.


Then lights were projected throughout the ancient buildings, including laser hieroglyphs used to highlight the story as would have been the ancient Egyptians. For an impressive grand finale, brightly colored lights are splashed across the houses!


  1. Western Cemetery Located on the western side of the Great Pyramid, Giza’s Western Cemetery is a little less remarkable as it contains no royalty. Rather, it houses royal house staff members and high-ranking officials, a significant custom in ancient Egyptian culture.


Senedjemib-Inti’s Tomb is a favorite spot for visitors. There are large columns at the entrance which are coated in hieroglyphics. The colors and patterns are stunning and have an endless background.



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