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Intangible Asset Valuations

by Michael Parrington, February 2013 Do increasingly harmonised international accounting standards provide enterprises with improved scope to recognise and value their intangible assets? Introduction Intangible Assets are becoming the dominant means for creating value at the modern enterprise.[1] Open any … Continue reading

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US Copyright, The Internet, and the Dilemma of Formalities

by Michael Parrington, September 2013 Prior to the convergence of ‘the internet’[1] and personal computer (“PC”) technology, many of the traditional business models that relied on copyright were not only protected by copyright laws, but also protected by the cost … Continue reading

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A Short History of the Common Law

by Michael Parrington, October 2012 Why is its history so important to an understanding of the common law? Introduction History helps to understand how the platform for common law was created, why the procedure helped produce and gradually develop the … Continue reading

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