Yay! A Blog!

Lately, I have been experimenting with blogs. I had one for about 6 months last year, but then I lost the password, and now I have just found it again. However, I may as well do my writing in a Harvard-sponsored blog instead of a general one that anyone can stumble on to!

So, what will I write here? I have many thoughts, but I usually do not bring much of them to a satisfying conclusion, and thus most of them are not written down. then when I find myself working in the library without music, they accost my brain! This is an attempt to alleviate this effect. I am going to straight off assume anybody reading this knows me already. If you don’t, here are some basic things:

I am a college student concentrating in Medieval History and Literature- for those outside of Harvard, I say I am majoring in Medieval Studies. They all wonder why. Well, suffice it to say it currently makes more sense to me than any other option. After this, I will either continue studying this subject in grad school or go into law. Interest in the law option has increased lately, despite certain conversations with know-it-alls that make me second guess my capabilities.
I am from New Jersey. My home town is bordered by 3 highways. Yep, 3. I have the “cawfee” accent, but yet I like to think of myself as articulate. I have been to more than 3 malls in one day. As silly as it sounds, where I come from really is part of my identity. As it is to everyone. Also, I honestly think that it has made me more aware of the struggle of the underdog and the underappreciated. NJ does a lot for this country, and it gets no respect. Seriously, when you buy a food product, look for the distributor. It will likely be in Jersey. And that is just one example.

I love music. Music I can feel. Music that will make me dance, or scream, or cry. I am partial to classic rock and alternative, some heavy metal, and yes I have my dancy guilty pleasures. They really do make me feel guilty afterwards, because I can’t shake this idea that musci should be about something. At the same time, I realize that music to make people happy really does have a place and purpose. And that goes for comedy too. But it remains against my first instinct! I enjoy singing, especially when I get the chance to “belt”, also when I can sort of act the song, bring the emotions to the people watching me. It’s magical. I also play guitar, I would like to be really great at fingerpicking and other more folky skills.

So this is a basic intro, could take the time to make it better but I would rather move past this so that if I have any burning thoughts I can deposit them here.


  1. Daddio

    December 15, 2006 @ 2:04 am


    Wonderful introspection. Understand that you are the adv enturer on the path seeking wisdom which is exemplified by the Hermit in the Major Arcana. This is good. This is positive. Even though it may not feel that way at this moment. You are making great progress in comprehending yourself, which is the greatest task anyone can pursue. Love, Dad.

  2. Midi Files

    February 14, 2007 @ 1:57 pm


    That all anyone one can say about themselves..unless you are something more popular like the president Bush or the terrorist Bin Laden.

  3. Make an informed choice

    February 20, 2007 @ 10:17 pm


    great thoughts.