10 April 2004

Caffeine in academia

Ryan blogged about caffeine in academia, as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

I drink a cup of tea in the morning, followed by a couple of cups of
morning coffee (usually a 16 oz. Starbucks, as it’s on the way to work,
sometimes full-caf, sometimes half-caf).  Then there’s probably a
coffee aftert lunch sometime, sometimes leaded and sometimes not (but
since it’s from Peet’s, it’s damn strong).  Then, if I’m out in
the evening, another coffee beverage, like an espresso or small strong

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One Response to “Caffeine in academia”

  1. Matt Says:

    For the academic who feels the need to explain a caffeine addiction, I offer these two bits of information: Voltaire (thought by some, as we know, to be the father of Enlightenment) drank about 40 cups of Turkish-style coffee per day; Balzac (who, as we know, raised the art of the novel to a new level and crystallized what we call “realism”) drank about 50 cups per day.

    Oh yes.