9 May 2004

Adjunct faculty

There’s an article in today’s Globe’s Ideas section about the end of Invisible Adjunct (whom you can link to in my blogroll to the right).

I have to admit that I have some fear about this being the end result
of my own PhD.  What if I get stuck in the interminable temporary
lecturer slot for a few years?  I like academia (at least parts ot
it) quite a bit, but I’m not willing to give my life for it….

I’d probably go into political consulting, or beef up my quantitative
skills, or find a way to do more full-time writing, in some sort of
journalistic mode or something.

What would you do (if you’re an academic)?  What’s your secret career desire if the professor thing didn’t work out?

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I’m finally done with a lot of the stuff that was taking up most of the time in my life, especially my blogging time.

Boyfriend and I are moved in together.  I have never lived with a
romantic partner before, so this is sort of weird.  We’ve spent a
year and a half commuting between each others’ houses, and now we live
in the same space.  So we’re trying to figure out how we can live
with one another.  It’s as if we expect the other to go home at
some point….  We’re learning how to be around each other without
having to be with each other, but it’s an acquired skill.

I’m in the midst of grading papers for my students, something which I
was unable to do while moving, but it’s the usual long hard slog of
trying to be constructive and helpful while getting simultaneously
bored, because they end up writing lots of the same stuff and making
many of the same mistakes.

We’re also planning our houseblessing/housewarming for the 21st. 
Incense, priests, monks, gin, and loud music.  Should be
fun.  If you’re a Boston person, let me know if you’re interested
in coming….

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