9 June 2004

Amidst the hagiography…

…a good article regarding the reality of Reagan’s legacy.

I’m watching the service from National Cathedral right now —
ceremonialist that I am — and I hadn’t realized that Senator John
Danforth was ordained to the priesthood.

There’s been much about Reagan’s greatness in the last few days, and I
wonder if most of the public and news leaders have not mistaken
popularity for greatness.  Reagan was extremely popular (although
I am glad to say, for all their faults, not in my nuclear family), but
I wonder if we won’t need another three or four decades to understand
whether or not the events that occurred on his watch were to his credit
or not.  I’m still willing to reserve judgment.  I think that
we’re only now able to assess these things from a great distance —
it’s only now that we can look at Eisenhower and see that he was much
greater than we knew at the time.

More later….

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