19 June 2004

Tortoise sitting

So for the last couple of weeks, while a Berkeley friend has been out
of town, I’ve been housesitting and taking care of her tortoises. 
I now know all sorts of stuff about feeding and caring for tortoises
that I didn’t a while back.

This is Erasmus.

These are Erasmus and Beatrice, having a drink.

When I tell people that I am pet-sitting a pack of tortoises (because
there are also three babies, Scipio, Phoebe, and Cromwell), they are
infinitely amused.  I’m not sure quite why.  It seems to be
related to the idea of having reptiles as pets, I think.  Maybe
there’s something there with herpetophobia.

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One Response to “Tortoise sitting”

  1. Darcy Wronkiewicz (nee May) Says:

    don’t ask just laugh