WSIS – Focus 2

At 09:07 AM 11/16/2005, Jimmy Wales wrote:
What sort of provocative thing ought I to say in Tunis about this:

I’m going to try not to get stabbed, but getting thrown out of the
country early wouldn’t be so bad… my little girl has a daisy troop
thing I don’t want to miss. 🙂


Assume your audience has the facts, point those who don’t toward coverage of the report. Address the plight of nations and national leaders who are feeling threatened by our open global communications network and who respond by filtering, like Tunis. Do not talk down. Focus on the trajectory of freedom over time. See China PRP, for example, as a government in which the trajectory of freedom is positive. The operative point of focus should not be the state of filtering at any one given time but on the slope of the freedom curve. Are people looking up, or are people looking down. Rebecca MacKinnon sounds from China, Ethan from ACCRA. Sound this note for Global Voices.


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