okay, it begins

with and email from David Russcol telling me that the Chalabi piece on Saddam’s Trial assigned for Tuesday is now available only for New Republic subscribers at the link posted. Thanks David. I remember, though it’s hard for me to check without removing the newrepublic cookie from my machine, that the New Republic OnLine was no fee registration. Is registration too much to ask of a student seeking to follow his professor’s syllabus link to knowledge? Yes. I’ll post a link directly to the file as soon as i figure out how to do it. For some reason the icommons server or the berkman server objects to my attempts to post chalabi.htm, which probably means that i should pause and consult Z before doing it. Isn’t this a copyright violation? Or do i have a privilege as a teacher trying to pass knowledge on to students to make the path as slippery as possible, not even the necessity to register no fee? Who are our students? We shall see.

Ah, okay, a typo, just fixed it.

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  • As a matter of fact, it isn’t just free registration that’s required. Maybe just for this article, having registered, I get a message that it’s only for subscribers (rather than only registered users), and TNR harasses me for a credit card. While there is a free trial available, the chances of me forgetting to cancel before the trial ends are sufficiently high that I’m unwilling to do that. Had it been only registration, I would have had no problem registering, or, more likely, using bogus registration information from BugMeNot.com.

  • I could register for free. Part of the problem I have with this is that one is either risking the inundation of diatribe from The New Republic (no thank you)
    OR one can register with a false name and address, which is hardly the “truth” we are looking for in this course (but it is crafty enough to fool the masses).

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