Daily Archive for Monday, October 30th, 2006

Meet Father Albert

Monseigneur Richard Albert, to whom Anders Jones introduced me in Jamaica, came to Boston for a visit. Three of my students and i took the opportunity to learn from him some of what he has learned in his thirty years of service in Jamaica. He’s a cigar chomping whiskey drining priest originally from Brooklyn New York. He talks with my students, and with Cambridge Mayor Ken Reeves, who declares himself to be the first openly gay black mayor of any American city, about religion and dons and homophbia.

Twin of Twins – Get Lively

Repatriate Jamaica – Twin of Twins will help Kevin translate the message of reconstitution into language the man on the street and the women in dancehall understand. Curly is sitting at Kevin’s conference table at Destiny Productions, Kingston Jamaica, reacting to the first statements by P.J. Patterson on the program Kevin is producing.

P.J. Patterson – Repatriate Jamaica

Patterson Seaga Introductions

Here is the beginning of the program Kevin is producing, in which i introduce the two past prime ministers of Jamaica with their Wikipedia entries. Alex Lee sits in between, and when the interview is over gives me an excellent debriefing, which i will very shortly post.

Twin of Twins – My Good Black Friend

twins to translate to the people

More Twins. i want to bring them to Cambridge for an event in the Spring.

True Jamaican Kevin Wallen

i love this piece of video. the camera turns on Kevin, the director, and catches the passion in him.