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open access to open discourse

hi christina
i’m excited by your project, which you open beautifully. i love the organization you are bringing to it, evident both on paper and in person. the plos event was wonderful. i loved the lucidity of thought from connecting points of view, the library, the student body, wow, chris and christina and open collections. yes, we will organize breakfasts across the university. we have a budget from the provost of ten grand to get us started. first breakfast is november 1 at the faculty club. please come. please bring three others with you whom you think would best move you forward. can we get the essence of the work that has been done at northeastern and mit? can we focus on things we faculty and students and staff and alums and friends can do to make this spiral of breakfasts expand up through the university in expression in action of what we do and who we are.

On 10/19/06, Christina Xu wrote:

Hi everyone,

You are receiving this reminder because you RSVPed for the Roundtable
Discussion about Open Access. The event is tomorrow from 12-1:30 at the
Berkman Center’s Conference Room, and sandwiches will be served.

Thank you for your interest in open access! If you have any questions
about the event (like if you get lost on the way), please email me or
call me at 614-599-1316

The Berkman Center is located at:
23 Everett St.…

Thanks again!
Christina Xu


glenn brown sends a video missive

worthy of transmission and discussion along with a note from one of my favorite math guys: perelman

as i write i listen to spoon revenge
glenn knows

i assign glenn’s art to CyberOne for Monday when we discuss and link internet to community tv.