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josh wolf’s trial in second life

this video was done by bernhard drax, who was one of the jurors in the trial, participating from germany.

for more, check out the postmortem by the prosecutors

off to a2k today

salubrious recording with fern this morning after soliloquy about fear in my heart, then clippinger telling me of a study comparing ability to detect deceit among harvard undergraduates and the shiwiar, an isolated amazonian tribe of hunter-horticulturalists. the shiwiar were just as adept at identifying a con as the harvard grads.

yesterday at northeastern after merley evars spoke i bought a book by bob moses urging algebra as answer to race transcendence. in the night i woke fern with a vision of classrooms of kids deciding on the move its avatar would make in a game of online poker and felt bob moses idea up a dimension.

we are here to teach

through the net we can teach kids to transcend

i teach law students. many law students come to harvard law school risk averse. they have thrived in sheltered institutions. they are not yet ready for the world. learn to play poker i tell them, starting with one-card war.

i am proposing a collaboration among all of us who gathered and all who would have liked to be there at our poker meeting to create poker university with its classrooms linked on line.

think of a massive multiplayer game of games in which the software of the game is architecture for gatherings of people who learn the game together and play for fun and moderate money within an environment of understanding for addiction.

imagine an online poker table with each avatar a classroom in a different school, let’s try law schools out to start, maybe each in a different state, maybe each in a different country. may we do this? from whom do we seek a declaratory judgment?

we say poker is a more genuine expression of the AMERICA we want to be than slavery and white supremacy. together we can mobilize to make our future.

how to play a hand

at the noir bar after our poker meeting howard lederer told me about an interesting hand of poker he played with gabe kaplan. i asked him to send me the link.

the hand occurs about 1/3rd of the way through, and here’s my blog of the experience of watching and listening to the leadup and the segment.

glitz for a full minute at the beginning
how the people who talk the game play the game
howard says he’s an analyst
mike sexton pushes it doing his thing
conversation going at the table
this is not a good idea because conversation at the poker table is desultory
blind 200 400
gabe in the big blind with 24000
lederer on the button 10s 7s with 15000
raises to 1200
kaplan qs js
flop 2d Ah 8s
gabe checks
howard bets 1300
gabe calls

turn 2h
kaplan bets 3000
howard calls

river Ad
gabe checks
howard bets 3000
gabe folds

in this hand there is a script expressed in the calls and raises
as judith donath observes this is communicative betting
howard, i’d love you to tell the story in words play by play
at each move pause and let clippinger and halperin have their say
this is pure poker

what did gabe think howard had
how did howard lead gabe to think that

here’s my morning audio walk transcribed:

april 27, 2007, i fell off my bike last night, skidded in the rain when i put on the brakes, not too bad considering, felt my helmet hit the pavement, felt the cushion of it, felt my shoulder hit, no cushion. i feel it now. it happened after charles ogletree’s conference salute to john doar

knowledge above authority -if knowledge is above authority and wants authority to respond to knowledge wisely how would one best proceed? is it a prisoner’s dilemma in which we are always required to tat? or can we give a little tit without getting carried away.

what are the ways in which issues press your buttons. what are the issues on which you could loosen up.

play with digital media that’s the name of our game -michael yap writes back delighted to collaborate in playing with digital media -back to singapore this summer comes state of play -i began this play with you when last i was there walking along that lovely esplanade out in front of the ritz hotel enjoying a weed in the land of lee quan yu and then offering that information to the crew i was teaching cyberlaw to, eight faces from the office of the attorney general at full attention, intelligence engaged -how could singaporeans learn to loosen up, how about coming to jamaica, how could jamaicans learn to tighten up just enough to get the place running right, visit singapore -suppose each were to create the other in virtual reality what would the other look like -could we meet in second life to learn to play poker together

on the thursday night of the is2k7 conference there is an open slot, a time for people who have had food for thought to sit down and play some poker -suppose we were to play in a newly structured way, suppose we were to record it, make it an asset, fill the airwaves -would we enjoy would we learn.

my shoulder stiff and aching last night i was up in the middle wathcing tv, watched poker after dark on nbc, saw little new in form over world poker tour but could see a more interesting way of using the talents there on display, wrote to howard this morning to see what he would say.


i read andrew’s blog with excitement, read response on 2+2
snag on This is wrong. The only reason it [poker] is unpopular with the very religious is because it specifically says in the Bible that gambling is wrong and you shouldn’t do it. It’s as simple as that to them. It would be a tall order to try to convince an elderly religious grandmother that poker was, in fact, not like gambling at all.

That is our challenge. We take it on. Poker is not gambling. Poker is learning life. Poker is freedom to play a game we love online. Poker is a way we can agree on internet democracy.

you of the christian right who honor the word of the bible, we ask you to consider that americans had not invented the game of poker when the bible word gambling was written. gambling meant betting on a chance outcome like the roll of dice.

seek the spirit you are looking for in the game and you will find it. approach the mystery in your brain. let it beguile you please you teach you lead you on. come on grandma, play poker, it’s not gambling, it’s pricing, it’s bluffing, your kids can teach you how.

saw the poster for is2k7 yesterday leaping out with light and clear message
civil rights with ogletree and terry lenzner and pictures from selma
a2k tomorrow at yale

invitation to barney frank to come and keynote
play the hand of government
how would you work things out

back to 2+2 snag again on a comment on foucault’s blog

It flat doesn’t matter if poker is a game of skill. That’s not the point.
big point to me
the reason to single it out
that distinguishes it from gambling
transcends gambling to a higher plane of logic mathematics and human understanding

foucault is the avatar who speaks the words and sets the tone
describes the meeting like a roman a clef

foucault writes:
It wasn’t really a panel or a public event, it was about a dozen people in a room strategizing and sharing ideas. In addition to the people I mentioned there were a few HLS students who also played poker, a guy who did AI research, an Israeli lawyer who I think represented some poker sites (he didn’t seem to speak English that well and didn’t say much), a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, and a woman who was studying lying or something. Not all of these people were there at the same time. As I said, it was pretty random that I ended up being there at all, and I was mostly just listening, though I occasionally tried to steer the conversation in a more productive direction when I felt we were getting bogged down in a pointless disagreement or dead-end strategy.

who were these people
can we connect foucault’s description with the info on the wiki


here’s from yinglan off my gmail

Yinglan Tan
to me, Michael_YAP

1:23 am (5 hours ago)

I trust your visit to the West Coast was productive. Drawing your attention to the East Coast, I had interesting chats today with two distinguished faculty at the Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.

Professor Charles Nesson, William F. Weld Professor of Law and Founder of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, is enthusiastic about “Poker University”, a vehicle for game theory to be accessible to every youth, played in the digital space with links with internet democracy.


Prof Nesson has expressed an interest to visit to Singapore in the summer and continue the dialogue with you, I shall leave it on your end to connect with him.


Michael Yap runs the Interactive Digital Media Initiative and is also Deputy CEO of the Media Development Agency.


breakfast with yinlan

is it the mission of university to promote and foster the creation and lawful use of intellectual property? this is the creed of RIAA

and if there is some vision of our mission which includes some contextualized true form of the riaa creed how should university seek to accomplish it?

riaa-mpaa let’s get to it

talk with me
be my client
let me speak with yours
you be he or she

we see the old form is broken
to dependant on threat of law to keep its leaking hulk afloat
we feel the plight of those of you caught within it to transcend to an open environment
let us help you find you way

come play a game with us
in which we build a university together and together set the norms
poker university numbers and norms reality in the game you play the ultimate name of the game

breakfast with yinglan recording to yap playing poker in second life in singapore and jamaica each helping the other to loosen up sorry for the terrible sound we were in noisy henrietta’s table

Gay? Fine by me: A Grassroots Example

(that’s andy bloch in the background behind annie duke and howard. andy made it happen, and dan walsh and michael bolcerek)

gay fine by me on my t shirt to open yesterday’s poker meeting now thinking about it as i load the audio from my morning walk into my machine along the way to linking it here. let’s hear it for barney frank. let’s hear it for taking a sensible approach to poker at all levels of our society and throughout the world.
now the task is to fill the wiki. jay kadane please give us your story. make us smile.

april 25, 2007 hubbard park cambridge massachusetts united states of america planet earth –howard lederer perhaps the smartest man i’ve ever met -right up there with mort halperin maybe past at this point i’d say yes -game theory at the hightest level -conversations at the top – john clippingerhoward lederer talk about war annie duke talk about negotiation the power of position play why do you want your opposite number in a negotiation to make the offer first?

todd rakoff to teach contracts in second life in contract when you make an offer you are vulnerable to having your offer accepted then you will have a deal but what enforces it what are its terms poker at the highest level how we deal how we make deals how we learn what it takes to keep them sometimes deals we have to make with ourselves. now the wiki to fill it in to offer report to the conference on friday

first we spoke about the caution of not finding happiness in a database though there was contest over whether we could look for it perhaps even in the doing of that find it. then talk of addiction our struggle to find it the effort that seemed right to me to rethink it as an issue of public health collective health a problem that is of all of us when we act in our best interest. sometimes best interest means taking care of part of yourself that is rebelling see how gently you can put rebellion down see how lovingly you can do it like stretching out a pain the pleasure of the stretch a thank you that the pain was there.

thank you poker stars you were wonderful right up to the end where we foundered on secrecy just a bit. so here’s to barney frank barney we are with you -who are we let us figure out some way to let you know -how do you play rhetorical poker -now you see do it now you see don’t like the cards that flip in three card monte the queen that’s never there -like avery playing poker, fun to remember that here hello to avery

then on from addictions to life skills where annie duke took over and showed you how a woman runs the room -thanks to her older brother that was really nice –think of sister ivy andrew spoke he was great -lookin out over that laptop silouette in the room red headed energy chin up great smile talked about doin it for the money and giving it up because the money wasn’t good enough wanted to do other things -then lunch sitting next to neil trying to read him not succeeding interesting guy long and lanky voice booming deep journalist from the wall street journal before whom others will not speak wanting to hold back information because it’s part of the release on which barney has first claim. so go for it barney. i say it again.

-then the afternoon is poker a game of skill yes unquestionably is it a game in which skill predominates over chance -what is the chance one setting about to make a game could make a game as elegant as this?

poker is a work of art an exquisite game it is education to play it who needs to be convinced of this who does not see it why do you not see it what have you got against us we’ve got nothing against you except that you won’t let us play hey forgive us we are your children growing up -on some things we think we know better and you know letting your kids grow up is learning to let them decide -it’s a sensibility of loosening up -what is the skill of poker did we pin that down i don’t think so -what does it mean for skill to predominate well what do you mean it to mean do you mean it to mean that we can’t play this game howard lederer annie duke michael bolcerek keith whyte what is this game we play -what is the core of poker -the wiki’s there all you do is press [edit] i wish i’d showd them

going back over the aftermath at the noir bar cold sitting outdoors feeling shake inside sitting with howard fern andrew fern speaks of richard lederer as the greatest english teacher her face lit up when she connected howard and annie both sitting there with their dad and back around through st. pauls alright so it seems well enough done in one way and yet was feeling down in the cold of the noir not as warm as i wanted it to be it seems it has come later

so if one can’t find happiness in a database where can you find it we live in a digital world i guess we have to find it in a second life -the other one -the one besides this -the place where we aren’t when we are where we are right now -and be so much in that moment so well tuned in that you can see down the pathways of the other. that’s the story i heard howard tell across the table from i love that man gabe kaplan somewhere the clip is on the net -the four o’clock session with the blue letters of the attorney generals opinion up on the screen coming around to run the arrow on the computer issac gave me his card andrew speaking out like clarity sign up for a clinical with the berkman center to work on a declaratory judgment action with andrew bradt of ropes and gray

we talked about universities with alcohol policies but not gambling policies and noted that those who had gambling policies were against it -we struggled with the taxonomy in which we are encased as meme -poker reclaim the name see it for the elegant game it is -who are the people you are playing against in poker -who are the people you are playing with -who will sign up for a berkman clinical project to help draft a model policy for a university with respect to poker

who will help the university generate its norm -who will convene the meeting send out the invitations -who will fill the wiki in when the conference event is done

seeking a Declaratory Judgment in the Court of Public Opinion

it’s the end of the world as we know it plays on speakers in my kitchen. sammy’s fed, fern is sleeping, water in the pool is warm, my body’s feeling fine, just a lttle stiff this morning. poker off the bat at 8:30 in the morning, dinner last night at sandrine’s as the frame. andy bloch beside me on my left, fern beside me on my right, dan walsh directly across the table from me like in a T, tyler tassin food his passion onthe end, andrew cross far left with bradt in the middle, amber and chuck on the other side, chuck wide. chuck won ten thousand dollars on a thirty dollar buy in and says he’s never played since so he’ll never be a loser, golf his passion. amber’s into finance, likes numbers, used to play poker but doesn’t much now, eyes that shine out, her passion finance . bradt is into declaratory judgments, his passion history, see his passion flash when he makes an argument. andrew into people, loves them. andy, like a bear to my left leaning forward eyes forward, ready to play the game for real, telling us how they cut in the commentary later, see it as a separate act, tournament life on the line. fern our teacher and photographer playing pass the camera around.

talk is naturally of poker, what will harold shaffer say about addiction? every parent knows some kid who got in trouble, maxed out mom’s credit card, stole the neighbor’s pocketbook. poker is gambling. gambling is an addiction. gambling is bad. q.e.d. your witness.

dan’s passion for the working of government in the service of his clients and his daughters, lobbyist for the poker industry wants to know is rounders real, talked about barney frank’s bill, told barney frank stories.

how can we win in the court of public opinion. how can we show the mothers of the kids who are getting in trouble how better to guide their kids. can we make a movie in which mom learn’s how to play the game. we should hear this morning about growing up in a poker playing family,
in handling risks so that kids find the learn.

session one today on addiction. you can blog it, oops, that comes first. what happens to the intellectual property this meeting represents? think from the core creative commons with outlet through the net. let the wall street journal message follow, let radio follow, let images and audio arranged in different streams from a sensibility that freedom to play online poker and net neutrality internet democracy go hand in hand. we are producing story. let’s do it right.

if you can talk about a problem civilly you can deal with the other problem that are getting in your way. learning how to talk about a problem civilly is what cyber law is all about. there is no law in cyberspace but code and norms.

so yes, first session on addiction, then next on what we learn and how we teach. third what is it that we teach, the nature of the skill, what is it that we know. fourth on where we go.

a pain within me calls

to rise with many targets of attention yet to be drawn ineluctably to pain. do you soothe it do you stretch it do you work it out. first i pee then i shit then i take care of sammy. win or lose you pay your dues. do you give in to pain do you surrender.

attached see pics of the black law students association black and white ball sponsored by aiken gump for the benefit of children. i look at the image as i compose this picture for you to see . alex diane antonia fern and me.

whose dress is more beautiful? vote all. how can we?
aiken gump gets a double thump from me.
time for stretch and cup of tea
in the spirit of universality
life as we sometimes live it seems great to me
moment by moment one by one
all of them one present
stretch and behold

suppose there is one spirit above the rest
a spirit in us embracing
let mind go with recursion

last night in second life saw mandelbrot
after the verdict in josh wolf trial came in
beer around the table later
thanks ken and aaron, giselle and joel, mathew and becca
bits in the can with chris
waiting to come out

missed seeing tree throw out the first pitch
at the red sox yankees game
please send a link to the video


SET 88.9 fm – let the radio message follow

SET Radio 88.9 fm is up in gp kingston. the revolution has begun. feel it catching fire. on the phone i could feel excitement. inmates and officers of every color shirt. here is kevin’s report.

I woke up this morning feeling like today was going to be a great day, and it was. I went to bed last night excited to bits about what was to happen today and I can’t tell you how much I could not wait for the time when I would make it happen.

For the past three years Charley and I have been talking about the possibility of setting up a radio network within the prisons in Jamaica. We saw it as a way that we could get the message of rehabilitation and restorative justice across to the entire prison system, we saw us being able to facilitate discussions on all levels, we saw it as us creating an environment where everyone in the prison community could get together and discuss issues which are of importance to them. We were worried that if we don’t have total buy in from all the relevant parties then we would have problems but then we started having talks with the Commissioner of corrections, who with the assistance of his team helped us to strategically put things in place so that both officers and inmates would have a stake in the process. We took his advice and then went to the officers first, explain to them our thoughts on this medium and then sought their opinion. So after going on a sensitization campaign speaking to both officers and inmates we selected a compliment of ten inmates and five officers to train for the purpose of operating this radio station.

We built a radio studio with funding from CIDA we also received funding from UNESCO to provide training as well as equipment for the studio.

For the past months we have been conducting training sessions with both officers and inmates, to which they have responded quite well, however they questioned weather or not this thing was really going to happen. They did not see any antenna’s going up or anything out of the ordinary happening plus they were being asked questions by their fellow inmates about when this thing was going to happen so to put everyone’s minds at ease I decided to do a test today. Set up the equipment spread the word around the institution telling folks to tune their radios to 88.9 fm.

So today was the day to make it all happen. I told everyone that I would be at the prison at 10am to set up the equipment and that we would be on the air at 12pm. When I woke up this morning I would not wait to get to the prison so I could do this. As a matter of fact I packed up all the equipment from last night and placed them in my vehicle so this morning I could just go down and make it happen. I checked my clock every few minutes waiting for the time when I would go and pick up Wayne and then head out.

Finally it was time, jumped in the van picked up Wayne, the entire journey all I could think about was the look on everyone’s faces when they actually herd themselves and their colleagues on the radio. By the time we got there everyone was waiting on us. Within twenty minutes we were set up and ready to go. And with the flip of a switch we were live. SET 88.9 FM was a reality; Tower Street Radio was finally on the air. The excitement was too much. The environment was filled with laughter officers were coming in to make sure it was for real not to mention the inmates. At one point I looked around and for that moment there was nothing that separated anyone in that room but, they were joined together by one thing, Radio. The sense of unity was unbelievable, unity, solidarity, togetherness. In a prison, between keeper and kept, wow.
The programs which were presented were done by both officers and inmates there were no distinctions. Everyone had a role to play and they played it well. Some members from the Department of Correctional Services admin staff was there and you could see the sense of pride on their faces. In the round up discussion after the test I could not did not want to critique at that point I really wanted them to know just how proud I was of them. It was most amazing. To be on the radio for the first time and do that well is simply amazing. The name of the programs were

How can all the parties in a situation where a crime was committed heal? How can they make peace and move on.

What do inmates care about what are some of the things that are of interest to them? When its lock down time and the lights are off and the security personnel are not in direct air shot of what is been said, what do inmates talk about?

So you have been in prison for a while, each day is a different day; things are constantly changing around you, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Do you grow or does everything remain the same? It’s a choice but we chose to make a positive change.

I don’t always say the right things and I don’t always do the right things, but every day that is my quest. As a Student Expressing Truth I want to express my self. I don’t want to tell you from my thoughts I want to express it from my being. First I become then I express my self.

jamaica is the biggest little country in the world. let’s hear it for bob marley as national hero. let’s hear it from the twins.

hello wiki/wikia – hello clippinger – hello fern

first fern
read up from the bottom
which way does mind flow go
i & i
want to know


A fern is any one of a group of about 20,000 species of plants classified in the phylum or division Pteridophyta, also known as Filicophyta. The group is also referred to as polypodiophyta, or polypodiopsida when treated as a subdivision of tracheophyta (vascular plants). The study of ferns is called pteridology; one who studies ferns is called a pteridologist.

a fern sleeps upstairs dreaming of a man: is it me?
is she complement to me with all my waking energy
going somewhere else.

i rise now to fly down the mountain having told myself the story i am changing
charge out to meet and play with men
how many times have i left her this way only to get high and come rushing back to her
no good
she does not love me when i’m high
she loves that other guy

she wants straight love
i am crooked
she wants attention
i place it else where
she has a grievance
i can see
she wants me
needs me
where am i
here with you ready to rush to her again
while she is with another guy

how high is high
where does it go
how do i get down

don’t rush back
signal welcome
let her come to you
here i am
talking to myself

thank you for a lovely party
thank you for a crowd of one
thank you to a lovely group
please invite them to my party

i want everyone to come
i want the world to see
a smoother cooler version of reality
in real virtuality

john starts his lovely book
way in north new hampshire
follows his thought
all the way to war
feel this man
he is a man of peace

listen to this man
feel peace in him
feel peace in where he comes from
trust you can approach

what does it mean?

i have just requested a wikia in the name of eon
in the cause of university
wikia university
we come in peace
we are firm and friendly
well, some times maybe knot

admire the process by which the process is made
click here