hey tony – go open – go long – go far

i feel like now is a time to take it easy. let the fury in the others flow. when they feel they’ve gone too far without feeling opposition they’ll pull back. where is the problem. if our differences are feelings we can work them out. epiei lives in three worlds, a world of emotion, a world of intellectual, a world of pain. we weave these three together into our lives.

last night good bye to tony soprano, left with that moment of black you recognize as the moment you are wiped out, bang, your lights go out. we know this moment in anticipation each of us who loves the burning of the light, the moment of darkness when your light goes out, when somebody turns it off for you, stops the meme creating, challenge to you to carry on. creator of the meme i pray to you, open up the story from the moment you flipped the switch, give us the digital archive of story for us to make magic with, dedicate it, creative commons. like a bolt of lightning rising to a rainbow let the stories rise each of us imagining what another’s life could be with help from friends.

thank you david lynch. thank you. thank you. life goes on and off and on like into eve online.

we are in a new domain. we weave story into rhetorical space to tell the story we live.

light up avatars in second life. let us live. let us play poker.

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