Daily Archive for Monday, July 2nd, 2007

taking the copyright fight to a new arena

the narrative of the new york times story is that larry wants to win a rollback of the length of the copyright term but finds the mindset of copyright forever immovably entrenched by corruption. ok. larry, shifts focus from creative commons to corruption.

what if the corruption of larry’s concern is an expression of our economic archtecture only to be changed when the current dominating bloom of for profit corporations is balanced by proliferation of open architectures for producing value.

wikipedia but a beginning — all of education lies ahead.

what is larry fighting for. what is the arena of his action. he says let’s not think about a judicial solution, let’s think about a democratic solution. a democratic internet solution. internet freedom. let’s teach about truth as it is now open to us to do, mediate it with point of view, tickle the kids with a riddle, build diadic truth into a game, internet poker with creative commons chips. kids learn about copyright right from the start. internet education in democracy in action. icommons.

knowledge beyond authority