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i want to meet the warden

wayne marshall
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9:09 pm (16 minutes ago)
and we thought radio and riddims made for some off-the-chain rehab. check out this routine, c/o 1500+ Filipino prisoners !

what is the story behind this video. who are the people that made it. has the making of it had positive effect on individuals and institution. is it possible that a different way of thinking could change prisons.

flash singapore – from becca

Re: filter flash (SoP Edition) Inbox

Rebecca Nesson
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7:01 pm (11 hours ago)
Hi Patrick,

I can fill in a few details.

For Internet & Society, you may want to talk to Geoff McGovern, the Second Life teaching fellow for that course. I’ve cc’ed him on this email. In that class they actually webcast the class meetings live into Second Life so that distance education students could participate in the classes in real time. Geoff will have more information on how they made use of the Second Life platform.

For State of Play V, it should definitely be put right up front that Prof. Nesson and a team of students from the law school and the college are going to present a workshop on poker and education and to open discussion about the idea of creating and using existing virtual/online poker environments for education. I’ve cc’ed my father on this email so that he can put you in touch with either Elizabeth Stark or Andrew Woods, the students who are doing the organization for their workshop. In addition, my father will be presenting a paper that he and I have co-authored on the use of virtual worlds for education.

Finally, it may be worth mentioning the role that Berkman Island played in the earlier State of Play conference for which it was built as well as the continuing Berkman events that are hosted regularly at Berkman Island and are open to the public, such as the fellows lunch series. Catherine Bracy will be the best person to give you the details on that stuff.

One more thing — though speculative, might be included. That is that the Extension School is seeking to collaborate with the Berkman Center on expanding the Second Life campus so that it can accomodate more Extension School classes and can also serve as an instructors’ resource center with guides to using virtual worlds in teaching as well as helpful teaching tools that can be used in virtual classrooms.

I hope that helps!

On 7/24/07, Patrick McKiernan wrote:

Rebecca –

With all of the Second Life talk going on I wanted to see if I could get your input on Berkman history in Second Life for a special issue of the Filter we are going to send out in advance of State of Play. Gene was kind enough to make a list of courses below, but if you have any details or additions to make, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


Gene Koo wrote:
> Berkman’s work in virtual worlds combines our interest in leading-edge network technologies with innovations in education. This summer, we are co-sponsoring the State of Play V conference in Singapore, where our own Catherine Bracy and Gene Koo will be leading a workshop on how virtual worlds can be used for purposeful teaching as well as open-ended learning. Bringing together leading commercial game designers, educators, and Singapore government officials, the workshop collides the global with the virtual.
> Not just convening discussion, Berkman has been leading the way in using virtual environments for education:
> * CyberOne (Fall 2006) – the first law class taught in Second Life. Taught by Prof. Charles Nesson at HLS and Rebecca Nesson with Gene Koo at Harvard Extension. This class was also noteworthy in being open to all takers.
> * Trials in Second Life (Winter, Spring, Fall 2007) – Prof. and Ms. Nesson continued their work in Second Life, using a virtual courtroom on Berkman Island to conduct mock trials and taking advantage of the unique features of a virtual environment.
> * Internet & Society – [not sure?]
> * Virtual Worlds: What They Are, How People Are Using Them, And How You Can Too (Fall 2007) — Examines models for virtual world law and government, economics and business, cultural norms, art, education, and activism. Rebecca Nesson.
> * Hub2 (Fall 2007) – In this collaboration among the City of Boston, Emerson College, and Berkman, Boston residents reimagine their public and civic spaces using Second Life. Gene Koo.

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