he [or she] who controls the space controls the universe

the spice must flow
these the words from a techno album by eon
music in my ears from long ago
the spice must flow

read flatland
watch the movie
watch reimann’s spere bounce up and down and roll around descarte’s plane
one a projection of other from another dimension observed from yet a fourth

vidence in context projects meaning to the mind and heart observing which shines through in character to intelligence in yet another dimension

1 Response to “he [or she] who controls the space controls the universe”

  • The Projection of Evidence

    If in fact the solar system’s mechanism was that of planets on epicycles with eccentric deferents and equant points (i.e., geocentric), its projection upon the human mind and heart (a heart which wanted desperately to be at the center of things) would have been the same as the projection received by a Copernicus and a Kepler. Consider a Copernicus coming first instead of Ptolemy, and mistakenly interpreting the projection as heliocentric, only to be corrected centuries later by an Aristotle and a Ptolemy. Two different realities can produce the same projection. How do we know which is the case, especially when the urgency to make a decision robs us of time for adequate reflection? Surely the mind and heart can be deceptive, but it is the dimension of time which provides the greatest hope for truth, and yet we are constantly pressed to surrender our time.

    Curious Ray

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