we are linear

we need to be exponential
please join our facebook group
joel fights back
we are beginning to hurt for money
who will back us in this play against riaa

who will right the story

whois with eon

2 Responses to “we are linear”

  • mr. nesson:

    perhaps it would be possible to create a tool/widget that could be shared on facebook to raise money to offset joel’s legal expenses. has anyone looked into this option?

    if i can help turn this idea into action, please let me know.

    i will add this comment to the “joel fights back…” page on facebook as well.


  • It’s true I’m just getting started and have so much to learn, but thanks to you I know where to go to learn what I need and now have access to the material I need to study to become a success online. The next time I write to you is to tell you just how successful I’ve become online.

    Keep up the fantastic job!


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