library of cyberspace – 911

urs, amar, phil, jp, i’m aboard alchemy reading the notes of the gbs conference you organized feeling a thrill as i grasp the dimension of what the notes record. The perspective being articulated is public interest with education as strategy for the future. the corporate giant needs an equally growing open environment in which to thrive. The idea that public university and philanthropy could offer balance becomes a possible reality. thank you for great work in organizing this event. i am tremendously sorry to have been absent.

highlights in the notes for me:

“But the Google Settlement puts extreme limits on what libraries can do what their digital copies. They can’t have faculty/students READ them, for instance. Materials remain dark until 2050–an eternity in the digital world.” Did somebody at Harvard actually agree to this?

“If every provost told every committee chairmen at each university that they liked open access then we could all join together and make the transition. It will take a while and there will be calamities, but if provosts, presidents, and chairs of committees gave this support then the staff and researchers will follow.” – radical!


It is fear that has held our society in the belief that our children are not to be taught everything and are therefore to live a naïve existence till fate makes them wiser or not.

Hi Charlie!

Glad that you are finding the notes helpful! If interested, we’ve posted the video record of the plenaries here:

And although un-edited and not public quite yet, audio of the breakouts can be found here:

You were most certainly present in spirit, as most of the digital media can attest 🙂



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