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Get down and DIRTY and Restore your Health


You know the feeling, that weight in your chest it makes you want to run out, just storm out of the office.  

It’s your bodies way of telling you you need exercise. Without question the body needs to be worked physically.   In addition a sedentary lifestyle contributes to a myriad of health problems both mental and physical.  

Cardiovascular disease diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bone and joint disease have all been directly attributed to a lack of physical exercise.  1–14  

In the mental health department, physical exercise puts a serious hurtin’ on depression and anxiety.  

The benefits of working out are many but among the great benefits:

Mood improvement, it’s difficult to be mad after a nice long work out. Exercise is especially beneficial for the anxious mind.

Combine aerobic and resistance training for the best results.

Find it difficult to stay motivated?

Understandable, a great way to get your exercise is to do it while you are getting paid. You know, go blue collar, work with you hands. Check out these awesome part time job suggestions, they require amazing amounts of  physical endurance and will change your life for the good.  

Awesome physical part time jobs.


Moving is one of those jobs which requires a lot more skill than people give them credit for.  The job includes a lot of lifting, stair climbing, walking, heavy bursts of energy and reaching requires stamina in order to wrap items with moving blankets or protective vinyl.  

In addition to the physical aspect of the job moving requires immense amounts of concentration to avoid injury and damage to property.  This particular job is amazing to soothe stress and calm anxiety.  Also a great part time job if you suffer from ADHD as you are constantly on the go and every job is different.  

Now don’t get me wrong you still need to take precautions to avoid injury after all it’s exercise just like anything else.  As a matter of fact you need you be more careful.  Why?  Anytime you move an item it’s not especially manufactured to have you lift it the way a dumbell.  As a mover you will encounter cumbersome items which will require knowledge of proper form to avoid injury.  

Junk Hauling and demolition

Similar to moving however junk haulers don’t usually have to worry too much about damaging what they haul.  This job is especially awesome if you love demolishing.  

Few things are as empowering as swinging a sledgehammer to better health.

“It’s funny, occasionally customers express sympathy for the amount of physical exercise required. Of course I don’t think they realize how fun this job really is” stated Omar Valencia a junk hauler who works for Eco-Dumpster® a company out of the San Francisco bay area.      

Most of what they haul is old furniture and construction material so it’s no cakewalk.


Like the smell of fresh cut grass?  Take on a part time gardening job and before you know it the grass WON’T be greener on the other side.  The job requires pushing, bending, lifting and digging.  All amazing ways of putting a fresh coat of sweat on your back.

So, put on your boots go outside, get some fresh air, boost your endorphin levels. Even one day week is probably enough to help you change your outlook on life.  Contrary to popular belief your part time job can help you perform better in your main job.  Exercise helps your immunity and focus, after all who wants a sick employee?

The amazing thing about the jobs noted? Manual labor jobs are usually quite flexible with scheduling.

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