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Academic Writing Skills: 10 Easy Ways How to Improve


Obviously, the key to successful existence in the academic environment is the ability and art of academic writing. Do we really have to deal with it? We need it writing scientific publications in prestigious journals or making abstracts and reports at conferences, papers outlines, essays and others.

On the other hand, almost all subjects of the academic process, whether these are freshmen or eminent professors, often feel a sense of confusion and even frank panic at the need of writing down any ideas. The mild form of such a state is called ‘writer’s anxiety,’ and critical cases are described as a ‘writer’s block.’ You can use your writing skills if you are interested in an additional earnings, because many students buy college papers.

The aim of the article is to help those who ask themselves how to improve writing skills. So, what will sharpen your skills? Here we gathered 10 effective academic writing tips, tested by practice.


Previous to writing academic works an intermediate understanding of the basic principles is required. This does not mean that you have to enter the prestigious author’s program at the University of the Ivy League but focus on the basics of grammar and spelling.


Immersing yourself in good literature, will increase your vocabulary, expand your horizons and give food to your imagination. Besides, you acquire knowledge that may be applied in various fields. Read everything you can: scientific literature, fiction, magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles, etc. Particular attention should be paid to specialized literature.

  • Pay attention to different academic writing styles and diverse construction of works.
  • Try to compare the treatments of different authors to the one topic.
  • If one idea can be represented in other words – the more individual and original your style is.
  • Read every day little by little.


No doubt that only practice of academic writing will make you an ace of written speech. Notes should be a part of your daily routine. It is a good idea to create your blog to get feedback. Remember to carry a notebook with you. The idea can visit you anywhere.

Write down all the ideas that come to mind. Headings, subtitles, themes, characters, situations, phrases, metaphors – write down everything that foments the imagination.


Develop your individual and unique style by studying various strategies. Studying at the University provides access to quality resources, knowledge from experienced teachers.  Become a member of students’ learning club, seek assistance from faculty and join one of the university publications to start your career. Consider attending seminars on academic writing or professional development groups.


Editing is another way to develop writing. Correct incomprehensible, delete entire fragments – do everything to improve your text. When finished, review it again. And then – once again.

Do not be afraid to change words or use synonyms to express the idea clear, effective or beautiful. Be prepared to make changes if they are necessary.


It is important in academic writing to express the idea clearly and sharp-cut. If words do not carry any semantic load, cross them out. It is better to delete superfluous at the editing phase. Get rid of conflicting data or show the reader how it can be used. Check the text for grammatical errors and cut out introductory words and complex constructions. Short sentences and paragraphs easy the perception.


A good way to develop writing skills is to communicate with others and get feedback. This will keep motivation. Find an interest group, association or a writers’ club in your city or on the Internet. Expressing a personal opinion is a valuable lesson. Choose a topic, write a paper, get feedback from the members of the group, and then revise the masterpiece. Eliminate the shortcomings and try again.


Before starting writing, sketch out a layout. Don’t make it complicated. It is sufficient to determine the order of the paragraphs and chapters, and also to outline several proposals that each section should contain. To draw up plan find literature on the topic, make the analysis and define the structure. Conception will make the writing logical and coherent.


It is hardly possible to get rid of all your mistakes yourself. Therefore, justified criticism is the best factor for academic writing growth. If you do not tolerate criticism – do not start writing at all. Your works should appeal to the public. Otherwise, there is no point in your work.

Do not lose confidence, but at the same time do not be too presumptuous. More attempts give the more chances for success.


Mistakes are a prerequisite for improving your writing skills. There is no one who achieved perfection without making mistakes. Remember to analyze your errors to avoid them from now on. Take them as one of the circumstances for improving writing skills.

It is important to remember that everyone is able to develop academic writing skills. Just be patient and persistent, and the result will come to you. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn how to write perfectly. Good luck and have fun!

Follow 10 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free


We usually consider the clutter at home as a lack of our own character and will to get things organized. The sources of any clutter are our habits. It’s the habits that make us make the same mistakes, for example, throw things away; do not hang clothes on hangers, etc. Keeping your place clutter-free is not an easy task as it comes with a practice and becomes a habit. If you’d like to stop clutter in the house, just spend a minute on looking through these useful tips to find out how to handle the process removing the unnecessary items and to establish clutter-free spaces.

Finish the Task that you have Started

This is a very important issue. Unfinished task negatively affects the daily routine, as well as our emotional state. It is easy to get distracted by something but leaving the clutter in the house. For example, you read a book and leave it on the table, each time you do it, there are more paper works that do not leave space for anything else. Items own the place where they belong to – is a rule number one.

Try Things before Purchasing Them

Before you buy an item that you think you need, it is better if you’ll use an item in practice. For example, you want to get a new vase or another nice cup, imagine in your mind for a minute what you’ll do with it. It’s enough to think to find out if the purchase is right for you or not. This habit will allow you not only to save a significant amount of money but also save space at your place.

Declutter Home from Unnecessary Things

If you have unnecessary things at home, give them to friends or acquaintances. In every house, there are always things that are absolutely useless, but it is always a pity feeling to throw them away. It can be a good habit arranging the sale or exchange of unnecessary things every year.

Establish every Week Cleaning

Forget about general cleanup. Cleaning something at home every day and week should become your habit. General cleaning is an overwhelming task and usually exhausts you while cleaning room by room every day makes it slow. Make a list of the housework that you have to do. For example, on Saturday declutter space on the table, on Sunday you clean the bathroom, on Monday you vacuum the carpets and the floors. By the way, choosing a high-quality vacuum is important as it eases the cleaning and Bissell 1330 review proves it. This method of getting your schedule organized reduces the time you spend to get rid of clutter and your efforts.

Get the Baskets Clutter-Free

The benefits of the basket cannot be overestimated, but this does not mean, there should be a lot of them. It will be enough having 2-3 baskets of different sizes. Baskets take some space, and you may not use them frequently. Therefore, it is better to get rid of the baskets you do not use. Moreover, there is usually clutter in the baskets where you just have all the unnecessary things, half of which should be thrown away.

Keep the kitchen Tidy

Keep only the things you need in the kitchen. Get rid of the paper food boxes, empty cans you leave every time. It also should become a habit to clean kitchen every time you cook, hence you’ll always have a kitchen without clutter.

Organize the Bedside Tables

As a rule, there are always a lot of different papers on the bedside table you prefer to read before going to sleep, probably jewelry that you take off or cups. Slowly, the space of the table becomes cluttered. The bedroom looks like a certain mess, even if you do the bed in the morning. At least once a week, you have to declutter the bedside table. The only thing which should take table’s space can be a lamp, vase, book or photo in the frame.

Keep the wires right

The wires that stick out do not make your home cozy and neat, rather than uncomfortable. Especially it can be dangerous for kids when the wires are unsafe. However, the wires can become a part of the great interior. For example, you can wrap the wire with the ribbon or rope of the color which matches the room. If the wires are visible on the walls, you simply can hang photos of the family or some piece of art.

Arrange the Order in the Closet

The closet that is organized gives you a minute to find what you look for. The closet full of clutter is a common problem for all people. There is no need to arrange clothes by colors, but it would be enough to keep seasonal clothes separately. There are clothes you do not wear, and it’s a reasonable decision to give someone who needs it more.

Let the Appliances do the Work at Home

Nowadays, it is easier to cope with the clutter at home thanks to modern appliances. It takes you a second put dirty plate in a dishwasher to keep the kitchen tidy. To make your home cozy where smells good you can use automatic scent dispensers. Whenever your floor turns into a mess, especially when kids play around or when you keep pets at home, vacuum cleaning is a rescue. Thanks to vacuum you easily can get rid of the dust. If you still do not have a good one vacuum, then you should check best vac reviews.

You’ll not find an absolutely clutter-free house. It is a great challenge to make the living place look like a sterile lab as every our movement leaves some mess. Home is a place where nothing is absolutely perfect. If you love the place you live at, you’ll try to keep it in order.

4 Basic Embroidery Digitizing Techniques If You Are New To The Craft


Getting started with embroidery digitizing can be baffling. But like any other skill, it has to be started somewhere. It is true that there is no shortage of learning resources today. Any skill, trick or hack can be easily learned and mastered with enough practice and patience. Instead, the problem arises due to the abundance of information. Someone who is just getting started with digitized designs can get lost and confused, becoming an information junkie instead of a skilled digitizer.

To prevent this from happening, here are four basic techniques that one should strictly learn and practice in the beginning. Not only these skills are relatively easy, they are also one of the most important techniques.

Using Pre-digitized Letters:

In embroidery digitizing software programs, there are pre-digitized letters available. These template digitized letters are meant to make the process and easy quick. They can be used on the go- to digitize letters readily. While they do make the process quick and easy, these letters often render below-par results. Especially, when tried to insert everywhere without proper editing.

Using digitized fonts is not a bad digitizing practice. Even the most experienced digitizers use them but with proper editing and tailoring. Firstly, you should always double-check spacing between the letters. Make sure that the spacing between the letters is even and adequate.

Some software programs have the ability to open up holes or counters on pre-digitized lettering. This allows for even more clean and clear results. If these holes are really small (<1mm), it is an indication that they might not stitch well. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to open up these holes.

Learning To Measure Stitch Density:

Understanding and learning stitch density in embroidery digitizing is one of the most crucial parts of the learning curve. As a beginner, learning to measure stitch density, is absolutely necessary. Get familiar with the tool that is used to measure stitch density in your digitizing software.

Measuring density on different designs will help you develop an understanding of suitable densities on a particular fabric. Additionally, you can use the technique to evaluate different stock designs. For measuring density on fill, measure from the center of one row of stitches to the center of the third row of stitches. The second row of stitches is skipped in the process. For satin stitches, the measuring process is relatively simple. Start from one edge of the stitch and end it on another.

Editing and Laying Underlay:

Editing and rectifying underlay on an existing design or laying one from scratch is an absolute must-to-learn technique in digitizing for embroidery . Underlay helps to support the design on the fabric it is embroidered on. It becomes particularly important while embroidering on lofty and textured fabrics.

The two common types of underlays in embroidery digitizing are the edge-walk and zig-zag underlay. Both of them are self-explanatory, as edge walk runs across the edge of the designs while zig-zag underlay is a mesh of stitches, laid under the design. Edge walk underlay is applied to prevent ripped and distorted edges of a design. It holds top stitching of the edges, preventing them to move and rag.

Underlay supports top elements by upholding them and providing proper coverage. To understand use and application of underlay, observing designs digitized by professionals, is a great way to get started. Observe parameters such as stitch lengths and underlay patterns in these digitized designs.

The good thing is that learning and editing underlay is not really tough. With that said, underlay stitches are inevitable in almost any design. Before digitizing embroidery designs entirely, cracking underlay is a great way to take a step forward.

Adjusting Push And Pull Compensation:

Theoretically, understanding the push and pull compensation in embroidery process is fairly complex. Apart from other problem, the most prevalent problem with wrongly applied compensation is the poor demarcation of the outline. Stitches tend to pull inside and shorten as they originally appeared on the software interface. Similarly, if there is an issue with push compensation, stitches tend to finish outside of where originally intended.

Consequently, the design might appear uneven and unsymmetrical. It presents a distorted look. The compensation is added by either correcting the width of satin stitches or removing or adding satins. In the case of fill, compensation is added by increasing the width of edge stitches.

As an embroidery digitizer, these basics will eventually be at your fingertips, as they become more of a routine with required practice and learning. A goodbye tip for all the readers are to start with editing already digitized designs, only learning and applying specific skills, before digitizing entire designs.

For professional machine embroidery digitizing, get in touch with the best. Absolute Digitizing is around for the past 15 years. We have and will continue to render excellent quality at the lowest prices. With an amazing standard delivery time of 24 hrs, get your designs digitized for only $1/ 1000 stitches. Get a quote today or directly order any design for digitizing.

Money-Wasting Practices that you Should Avoid when Relocating


For many people, moving into a new place can really be taxing on one’s time and finances.

The act of finding somewhere new to relocate, gathering your belongings, accomplishing the actual move, and the corresponding unpacking duties can be very stressful. But don’t worry because there are a lot of ways to make this challenging process a lot easier.

You just have to be resourceful and determined in getting this done. What you should not do is go with every offer that comes along your way or take shortcuts when you move. To help you be more aware, here are several ways you can lose money when you are moving into a new home or office.

Getting a price quotation without delving into the specifics

More often than not, you will contact a moving company by calling them up. Since it would sometimes be inconvenient for you to go all the way to their office and set up a meeting, it would be more practical to just ask for their rates over the phone. Sure, this is very easy but the moving company you’re eyeing won’t be able to assess the job at hand.

Instead of getting all of your specific requests and needs right, they are going to give you a quote that encompasses the basics. This will be very hard when the actual moving day arrives because you’re going to negotiate again to add some important services for your benefit.

The best thing to do in this situation is to ask a reputable company, like EH Movers Singapore, to send a representative to check out your needs. In this manner, you can get an exact quote that satisfies all of your requirements.

Not setting allowances for your relocation needs

In every major task you do, setting allowances on your resources will always be a big help. On the other hand, sticking to a budget no matter what happens may cause some complications before, during, and after the actual move.

These allowances in time and money allow you to be more flexible in solving moving-related problems. It would be a big disaster if you encounter a shortage of packing supplies and you don’t have the money to acquire more. Adding an allowance will surely help eliminate the unnecessary expenses and help you save more money in the long run.

Giving a deposit to your moving company


At times, there are other people who will take advantage of you. The same can be said when you need to move into a new residence or place of business. Some moving companies will ask you to pay a financial deposit to book their services on a given date.

Don’t fall for this because you are giving them something of worth without any assurance that will deliver from their end. This is true, especially for moving companies that don’t have a lot of years to their track record and experience.

There are some cases when the deposit has been paid but the movers did not show up on the agreed time and place for the job they were hired to do. It’s better not to pay a deposit and ask them to fulfil their job first before any money will be paid.

Moving on your own without making the proper research

If you think hiring a moving company isn’t in your best interests, you can always do this task on your own. In this way, you get to move on your own terms with absolute freedom.

But you need to remember that your expertise doesn’t lie in this field and you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. In order to lessen the amount of mistakes you’re going to make, you need to do your homework first. You should spend a lot of time in researching the proper way of packing and moving your stuff.

You also need to know what items and materials will help you accomplish this task. Plus, you should also gather a team from your family and friends to help you in this endeavor. The assistance of these people will multiply your efforts and speed up the overall task exponentially.

Paying for all of your packing items

In this particular task, resourcefulness is a wonderful skill to have. This logic can be applied when you are sourcing out for packing materials.

Rather than spend a ludicrous amount on the purchase of boxes, tape, and labeling materials, you can scour around your surroundings for these things. You can easily find carton boxes from appliances lying around.

You can also ask around from your friends and loved ones for any kind of box they are not using. Since you will only be using these boxes for a singular use, it does not make sense to splurge for them in a store.

Failing to add protection to your belongings

Every item you own has a value that corresponds to its usefulness. The more useful an item is to you, the more valuable it is. This is the reason why these items should not be damaged in any form when you move to a new place.

The same can be said for collectibles, art pieces, appliances, electronics, and glassware, among others. You should be diligent in packing these items properly using bubblewrap, tape, and a lot of cushioning materials.

If you do this task right, no amount of movement or shock will damage these things and lower their overall value. On the other hand, the failure to accomplish this goal will only result to the degradation of these items and make them useless in your residence of place of business.

Being disorganized in the packing of your things

Moving is mainly a practice of being disciplined in every aspect of this task. From your decision to find a new property, right to the unpacking of your belongings, relocation will require you to cover every base with utmost determination.

That’s why you need to organize your thoughts and resources to pull off this task in an efficient manner. You need to list down the things you need to buy and follow the process laid out before you. If you become too impulsive at even one point of the entire process, you will lose money to resolve problems you could have avoided in the first place.

Different Way to Help and Connect with Students Having Behavioral Challenges


“Every child is unique,” it is hundred percent true and to deal with children, you need to use different tactics. But things change drastically when you are dealing with students having behavioral challenges. The students who have behavioral challenges need to be dealt with special care and it is hard to say that there is a special way to behave with them. You can never be sure as no behaviorally challenged child behaves in the same way as other.

They deal with their own demons and have their own challenges to deal with and need special care along with professional knowledge and good instincts. There is no fixed guideline to connect with students having behavioral challenges, but when you are the one who has experience, qualification, and a job to do then it is best to do it in the best possible way. There are different things that needed to be considered and can help when you connect with the students having behavioral challenges.

Here is the list of different ways to connect with the students having behavioral challenges.

  1. Be sensitive to the students having behavioral challenges

Being sensitive is the first step you can take when it comes to dealing with students having behavioral challenges. There are times when teachers and people surrounding students with behavioral challenges use sensitivity as a crutch and make them uncomfortable. Do not make yourbehavior the reason for the outburst or give them the opportunity to justify what they are doing, but model yourself as the supporter who understand them.

Be the support they need to deal with these challenges and ensure that they are not misjudged or misguided due to something they have done.

  1. Dig deep and know the roots

There are various things that can be the reason for the behavioral challenges in students and push the child towards it. Dig deep and find the roots which are causing the behavioral challenges, only then you can help them in a proper manner.

Without knowing the reason, you cannot help them completely and it will be a hard journey to travel. On the other hand, if you know the reasons, you can change your tactics and methods accordingly. Also, do try to ensure that the process of understanding the root cause doesn’t hurt the students in any way because it will put a strain on their minds.

  1. Make them trust you and do nothing to break that trust

Trust is very important to all of us, but with behaviorally challenged students, it is much more. For them trusting someone takes time, but once they start trusting they want it to be strong and reliable. Make the students having behavioral challenge trust you and make sure that you do nothing that result in lack of trust.

The trust will help in making them understand what is good for them and what they can do to manage everything.

  1. Make them a priority and be conscious of the action

It is indeed true that action speaks louder than words and they convey the whole story. Be conscious of your actions when you are around students having behavioral challenges and make sure that they are the priority. They want someone to focus on them and make them their priority and most of the times they are conscious of the actions you do around them.

So make them your priority and do everything with a conscious mind.

  1. Help them in being actively involved

It often happens that we neglect the students dealing with behavioral challenges for obvious reasons, but it may push them to the dark corners. Do not push them aside and make efforts to involve them in activities, sports, and other school things so that they can learn and be part of regular school life.

When they are actively involved, they learn to be in a team and how to behave when in the company of others.

  1. Guide and help in building confidence

Lack of confidence is one of the side effects these special students face in their daily chores and they are often seen to be suffering majorly due to the lack of confidence.

Guide them step by step and ensure that they have plenty of self-confidence which will help them in dealing with their issues. Avoid installing ego and guide them gently on the right path.

Students having behavioral challenges deal with many issues in their day to day life and they do not want your pity or the sadness. They seek love, attention and right guidance that can help them in dealing with the issues and move on with the life. So be the support they want and see them bloom in life.

10 Believable Excuses for Being Absent from School


Being absent from school will require you to give an excuse. The best excuse which you can give is the truth. But, in some cases, you may find that telling the truth will not work. Maybe, it is because the truth you are telling may sound unreal to the person you are telling it to. In such a case, you will need to choose another excuse for being absent from school which is closer to reality.

So, what are the best excuses that you can use when the truth doesn’t seem to be real?

  1. Illness

For you to attend school and be able to benefit from it, you have to be healthy. For this simple reason, illness serves as a very good excuse. Some of the illnesses that you can use include high fever and stomach problem. This excuse is valid in any situation.

  1. Food Poisoning

Maybe you would like to avoid using illness as an excuse. The second-best excuse you can use is food poisoning. Food poisoning is a serious problem which can lead to serious health complications. This is why you can use this excuse in any situation since being healthy and benefiting from attending school usually go hand in hand.

  1. Medical Procedures or Medical Tests

This is another good reason that revolves around you being healthy. In your excuse, you can mention that you had a scheduled medical procedure or medical test which you couldn’t miss. People who are in a position of authority in your school know that medical tests are important and hence they will accept this excuse.

  1. Car Troubles

Car troubles happen all the time and in most cases, you won’t be expecting them. This means that your car engine may die when you are only halfway to school and hence making it impossible for you to attend school on that day. This excuse is only applicable if you have to use a car to commute to school.

  1. Traffic Jam

Use this excuse if you live a long way from school and you need to use a car to commute. Traffic Jam will prove even more real when the road or route you use to get to school has a lot of traffic on most days.

  1. Family Emergency

Family emergency is one of the excuses which attract very few questions. This can be used in a situation where you don’t want to do a lot of explanation.

  1. You Came Home Late from Work

If you are a student who has to work part-time, this excuse can come in handy. Anyone you give this excuse to will understand that sometimes emergencies do happen in the workplace. These emergencies may cause you to work all night.

  1. Family Vacation

People understand that family time is very important. A family vacation can be used as an excuse in almost any situation. Especially, when it is around the time of the year when families usually take vacations.

  1. Sick Siblings or Parents

You can use this excuse in any situation. The school authority will understand you since they already know that taking care of someone who is sick and close to you is very important. This is an excuse that won’t attract a lot of questions.

  1. Babysitting

You can use this excuse in case you have a little sibling. To use this excuse successfully, you will need to create a situation in which your parents or guardians were not at home and hence you had no option but to babysit.

All the above excuses are supposed to help you in finding a reason that is as close as possible to reality as to why you missed school. These excuses are applicable in the majority of situations which require you to give an excuse. However, if you do find that these excuses are not enough for you, you can check some more excuses for missing school at docformats.com.

Get down and DIRTY and Restore your Health


You know the feeling, that weight in your chest it makes you want to run out, just storm out of the office.  

It’s your bodies way of telling you you need exercise. Without question the body needs to be worked physically.   In addition a sedentary lifestyle contributes to a myriad of health problems both mental and physical.  

Cardiovascular disease diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bone and joint disease have all been directly attributed to a lack of physical exercise.  1–14  

In the mental health department, physical exercise puts a serious hurtin’ on depression and anxiety.  

The benefits of working out are many but among the great benefits:

Mood improvement, it’s difficult to be mad after a nice long work out. Exercise is especially beneficial for the anxious mind.

Combine aerobic and resistance training for the best results.

Find it difficult to stay motivated?

Understandable, a great way to get your exercise is to do it while you are getting paid. You know, go blue collar, work with you hands. Check out these awesome part time job suggestions, they require amazing amounts of  physical endurance and will change your life for the good.  

Awesome physical part time jobs.


Moving is one of those jobs which requires a lot more skill than people give them credit for.  The job includes a lot of lifting, stair climbing, walking, heavy bursts of energy and reaching requires stamina in order to wrap items with moving blankets or protective vinyl.  

In addition to the physical aspect of the job moving requires immense amounts of concentration to avoid injury and damage to property.  This particular job is amazing to soothe stress and calm anxiety.  Also a great part time job if you suffer from ADHD as you are constantly on the go and every job is different.  

Now don’t get me wrong you still need to take precautions to avoid injury after all it’s exercise just like anything else.  As a matter of fact you need you be more careful.  Why?  Anytime you move an item it’s not especially manufactured to have you lift it the way a dumbell.  As a mover you will encounter cumbersome items which will require knowledge of proper form to avoid injury.  

Junk Hauling and demolition

Similar to moving however junk haulers don’t usually have to worry too much about damaging what they haul.  This job is especially awesome if you love demolishing.  

Few things are as empowering as swinging a sledgehammer to better health.

“It’s funny, occasionally customers express sympathy for the amount of physical exercise required. Of course I don’t think they realize how fun this job really is” stated Omar Valencia a junk hauler who works for Eco-Dumpster® a company out of the San Francisco bay area.      

Most of what they haul is old furniture and construction material so it’s no cakewalk.


Like the smell of fresh cut grass?  Take on a part time gardening job and before you know it the grass WON’T be greener on the other side.  The job requires pushing, bending, lifting and digging.  All amazing ways of putting a fresh coat of sweat on your back.

So, put on your boots go outside, get some fresh air, boost your endorphin levels. Even one day week is probably enough to help you change your outlook on life.  Contrary to popular belief your part time job can help you perform better in your main job.  Exercise helps your immunity and focus, after all who wants a sick employee?

The amazing thing about the jobs noted? Manual labor jobs are usually quite flexible with scheduling.

Intellectual Property and The Need for Its Protection


The term intellectual property implies any idea, innovation or setup that has been created by an individual with the very use of their intellect; hence the name intellectual property. When this individual enters the world market with their new idea, it is only fair to let them have a monopoly experience in the market – at least for some time before their idea starts getting copied, thereby putting the sole creator/innovator in a perfectly competitive market situation.

Therefore, to protect the rights of intellectual property, certificate documents like trademarks, patents and copyrights were introduced. Moreover, beginning in the late 19th century, the intellectual property law began establishing its ground and by the 20th century it was a worldwide phenomenon. An important reason in the formulation of this law was to protect intellectual property and to help promote creativity and innovation. If there is no guaranteed protection of intellectual property, the work towards imagination and invention will soon be curtailed. One such method used to safeguard your intellectual property is signing an NDA.

What is an NDA?
For any startup or an individual, the process of bringing out their idea into the world is the first step towards success. And it is only understandable that any company cannot function completely by themselves and there is always a list of other firms that help produce the final product. In order to contact suppliers for raw materials, the idea can no longer be placed in a locker room and for the protection of this intellectual property, the owner signs a Non-disclosure agreement with companies whose products become their input needs.

To sum it up, a non-disclosure agreement is a contract signed between the concerned parties wherein one party gives some information about their intellectual property to the other party who will be dealing with them in business matters; and the other party conforms to the agreement by agreeing not to disclose this information to anybody. This way, the company’s new idea is safe from potential competitors in the market.

Will Your NDA Actually Protect Your IP?
While it is widely suggested that an NDA is by far the most reliable means to protect your intellectual property, the question still arises as to how far an NDA does grants you protection.
While using an NDA, you should be wary of a few things:

First of all, it should be understood that a Non-disclosure agreement is by law entitled to protect intellectual property – and an intellectual property is any idea presented in a tangible form. This means that if you have an idea in your head and you decide to entrust somebody with this life changing idea of yours by signing an NDA, you are still not protected as by law, your idea is no tangible good/intellectual property. Thus your NDA will be rendered useless in a court of law. Therefore the first step towards signing an NDA should be to make sure that your idea is an Intellectual property in terms of the legal definition. This can be accomplished by signing up for patents, trademarks or copyrights.

Another factor that must be considered before signing an NDA is the clauses it contains. A strong NDA that ensures complete protection of your IP will have concrete and meaningful clauses. For example a clause like this information shall not be leaked is not very reflective of its purpose and can be manipulated easily. A better representation of this clause would be specifying the information and the fact that it could not be leaked anywhere by any means would make the message more concrete.

An important factor to take into account is the case of unexpected circumstances. An event whereby an employee leaves the firm should be added to the clause. For example, if the clause included the security of information by all employees – in this case, the person is no longer an employee and has the right to do with it as he wishes. Therefore it must have been mentioned that any employee leaving the firm is still under this contract until the owner of the IP allows him to exit.

Finally, after signing the NDA, a company cannot stop there; it should continuously take measures to protect their valuable data from theft of other cases that are totally out of control. Methods like encryption and storing the data in a computerized database and not in physical form are suggested. Likewise, measures should be taken to limit accessibility to this data within the company itself and those of the dealing firms. Moreover, monitoring sensitive information like when and where the data has been accessed are also recommended precautionary measures.

In the case of your NDA being breached, you should immediately set up an investigation team to look into the matter closely and gather all related information. Next, you should hire your attorney to investigate further before you finally ask him to take legal notice. Some common legal claims that you can go for are Misappropriation of trade secrets, Breach of fiduciary duty, Copyright infringement, Conversion, Patent infringement, Trespass, RICO.

Real Estate: Investment Themes to Pursue in 2018


hen it comes to investing in the coming year, there is so much data out there relating to genuine investment developments that it is easy to get misdirected. In Singapore, spending on property remains the most ideal form of investment. Let us take a look at some of the key up and coming property-related investments for next year in Singapore.

  1. Property technology

Property technology or proptech is a fast growing trend that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide better middlemen services to people building, selling, purchasing, renting or managing commercial or residential property in Singapore. There are multiple local start-ups in the field of proptech in Singapore that are getting the attention of venture capitalists.

Such companies are growing even in the neighbouring market as they are getting support from the Government of Singapore, despite the small market size and restricted resources. C31 Ventures is one example of such a startup that has caught on to this emerging trend to lead from the front in the real estate market.

  1. Properties in Sentosa Cove

In Singapore, the next big swing in investment is expected to drift towards the property market as many analysts confidently foresee. After declining for four successive years, Singapore’s property market has eventually touched a point of inflection. As per Vikrant Pandey, an analyst from UOB, prices of property are likely to grow between 5% and 10% by the end of 2018.

Property market in the luxury segment in particular is showing growth signs, specifically so for select properties in Sentosa. Even with many properties earlier racking up losses and abundant unoccupied houses, sales at the expensive isle now are picking up. A bulk of property buyers in Sentosa Cove in 2017 have been Singapore citizens, while condo sales have also been picking up. As per the data of URA Realis, 21 condominium units were sold in 2017, exceeding the yearly sales of the past four years and it is expected to grow further in 2018.

  1. Oil & Gas sector is expected to recover

Oil prices remained low for the whole year of 2017 and people have been staying away from Oil & Gas. However, as per DBS, the scene will change next year. DBS is anticipating another spell of recovery in the prices of oil after some positive changes.

DBS estimates that oil consumption across the world will show a healthy sign of growth next year with around 1.4-1.5 million barrels per day. Also, there are indications of growing consumption in Europe and US due to the lengthy period of low oil prices. High demand from developing nations like India and China is growing as well.  It will be prudent for you to purchase shares of companies like PACC Offshore Services Holdings and Sembcorp Marine.

  1. Solar Home Systems

The market for solar home systems has been growing in the rural parts of Southeast Asia for a long time now. It is attracting funds from both regional and local investors. SolarHome is one example of a home-grown startup that has made it big. SolarHome offers solar home systems, targeting the less privileged people in Southeast Asia. This model allow customers to own solar energy subscription, at S$3-15 per month.

Solar Home is the pioneer in this field and it believes that this market will grow quite considerably in Southeast Asia, since almost 27 million families are not dependent on electricity in the region. Till date, the company has raised S$1.1 million.

  1. Technology sector

With the explosion of disruptive technologies like Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and more, the technology sector is buoyant not just in Singapore, but all over the world. Many financial experts believe that this buoyant run will continue and the demand for technology sector will remain. Stocks of companies like Venture Corporation and Hi-P International will grow as it witnesses substantial margin improvements, which has also been lifted because of its expansion into new segments.

Today, the growth that we are witnessing in the markets mentioned above is fairly competitive and it is worth investing in these sectors in the coming year.

Benefits of Using Sofa cum Bed In Your Living Room


Sofa cum Bed- A mixture of both comfort and convenience will give you amazing comfort without taking up much of your space. In this urbanized and condos era where closet sized apartments are used to live, it is very hard to accommodate furniture of large size. The savior of such situations is sofa cum bed. You can find amazing sofa cum bed at Urban Ladder which will make your living room more attractive than ever.

There are a lot of benefits of these sofa cum beds which is why a large amount of people are preferring them.

Occupies Less Space

The first and main reason to go for sofa cum bed is the amount of space they save. They occupy the space similarly to normal sofas but they serve as bed whenever needed. This saves up a lot of space making it lot easier to live. In small sized apartments, clumsiness and clutter can be avoided with the use of this sofa cum beds.


Not to mention, amazing sofa cum bed at Urban Ladder will make your living room look more stylish than before. They are designed in various ways which make your home look more beautiful as well as stylish. On top of that having a sofa cum bed make in your living room make you look smarter because of your space efficient choice.

Large Number of Varieties

There are various models of sofa cum beds. Each and every model is designed with an intention to save up the space. Different models of sofa cum beds are

  • Frame Sofa bed
  • Lift and pull sofa bed
  • Folding sofa bed
  • Clic Clac Sofa bed
  • Corner Sofa bed

You can select your favorite sofa cum bed from these wide varieties of models.

Multiple Uses

When you buy a sofa cum bed, it can be used as a sofa as well as a bed. When you are planning to watch a movie or play games, it acts as a couch and when you want to rest you can turn it into bed immediately with some effort. It won’t take much time to transform them and it comes in handy all the time.

Cost Efficient

When you spend amount on sofa cum bed, there is no need for you to buy another bed separately. This saves a lot of amount as well as space. It can be used as both sofa and bed so there is no need to buy two different items and yes it even makes sense to spend money on this rather than two different and large furnishing items.

On top of that many sofa cum beds are coming with storages these days. The pillows and blankets used at night can be stored in them rather than shattering them all over the home.

This amazing sofa cum bed at Urban Ladder are the best choice for anyone who wants to save up space, money and look elegant and stylish at a time. If you want an efficient piece of furniture to décor your living room then sofa cum bed is the one for you.

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