About NudgeU

This site is curated by Harvard staff as a resource for the entire University community. Our goal is to inspire U to improve administrative practices using behavioral science. Join us to learn, discuss, and experiment!

The “Nudge Portal Project” was awarded funding by the Harvard University President’s Administrative Innovation Fund (PAIF) in 2017, and deferred to 2018.


Design a uniquely ‘One Harvard’ approach to adoption of administrative innovations that is based on insights from behavioral economics and ‘nudge’ research. The emphasis is on lightweight, low cost, evidence-based interventions that leverage the best aspects of decentralization and local decision-making autonomy.

Project Goals

  • Build a resource (this website) to share key concepts from behavioral research, project ideas, and results.
  • Expand our community to include research experts, implementation partners, and administrative allies.
  • Create field experiments that generate positive outcomes for the university.

NudgeU Project Team

Marcus Dandurand (Project Lead) – Director, Digital Marketing at Harvard Business School

Dorian Freeman – User Experience Design Manager, Harvard University IT

Nick Hambridge – Associate Director, Risk and Compliance Services, Office of Vice President for Finance

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