Wikipedia project to support OER

In theory, Open Educational Resources and wikis go hand in hand. In our ranks, we have some of the most dedicated and accomplished users and advocates the collaborative online tools. So why is it that the OER article on Wikipedia carries the site’s second-lowest quality rating? It’s not just one article — the Open Access article shows room for improvement; the Open Educational Practices article doesn’t exist; and numerous related articles could be improved as well.

With all the wiki enthusiasts in our midst, this is a problem we are well equipped to correct. We can learn more about wiki collaboration, lift the tide of the OER movement, and improve the public’s understanding of our individual projects — all at the same time. A series of workshops (some colocated at conferences, but mostly online) in the coming year will provide a platform to do just that.

During the grantees meeting, we will introduce the Open Education Collaborative Documentation Project. This effort, led by Pete Forsyth of Wiki Strategies and Dr. Bob Cummings of the University of Mississippi, is currently in a planning phase funded by the Hewlett Foundation, and is proposed to take place during summer 2012 to summer 2013.

There will be three opportunities to explore the potential of this project during the Grantees meeting:

* An exhibition during the Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning poster session, where Pete and Bob ( will be available for discussion

* A mini-workshop during the Hack Day, where we can work on Wikipedia content together and explore possibilities.…

* Pete will be conducting interviews with people from various OER projects: please contact him if you would like to schedule one prior to the meeting, or during a break, or in the evenings, or by phone after the meeting’s conclusion. Link:

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