Google Calendar’s Lackluster Launch


Google Calendar is now online:

The long awaited, long overdue calendar looks nice, but is lacking many features.  I’m sure that most of these problems will be fixed quickly, but they surely should have been fixed prior to the launch.

1) CSV Import leads to server errors.  These errors, while confusing, don’t seem to stop the import from Outlook.  All import data seems to make it to the calendar anyway.  This seems very unprofessional, and makes one wonder if the process actually worked.

2) Time Zones features don’t work.  All of my events show up three hours late.  All settings (Outlook, Windows, Gmail, Google Calendar) are set to Eastern Time Zone, so this seems to be a Google Calendar programming issue.

3) No calendar data export features.  Sure, it is easy to switch to Google Calendar (ignoring errors), but what about leaving?  What about using both Outlook and Google Calendar?  There are no calendar export features.

4) No integration with RSS / Personalized Home.  “What? I can’t believe this– very disappointing.”  This is currently not integrated with other Google Products at all.

Even though Google Calendar is a great idea, it is currently completely useless to me.  Personally, I’m not wasting any more time with it.  Maybe my expectations were too big, but I’m pretty let down by the lackluster launch of this poor service.

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