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The new service MINO Wireless allows for inexpensive calling from US cell phones to international destinations (about 2 cents per minute).  This cool service uses a small JAVA program downloaded to your cell phone to trigger a callback.  This program sends a few KB’s worth of data over GPRS, which may cost a few cents depending on your mobile plan.  After the callback is triggered, your phone rings, you wait, and the call is patched through to its destination.  This is a more advanced and cheaper form of callback service than competitors callbackworld.com and enlinea.com

This is great for calling foreign numbers FROM the US.   However, it’s no good for Americans travelling abroad with a US cell phone, since they are still “receiving” a call, so are still charged, defeating the purpose entirely.


  1. Jing

    July 11, 2007 @ 9:46 pm



    I completely agree with you and thanks for the review. However, MINO is still useful for people traveling overseas.

    1. They can initial the call from their Blackberry using gprs roaming, however set the default (or add additional) ‘call from’ number instead of their US mobile number, set it to a local phone/mobile number. This will use MINO to initial the call, but pick it up locally so no roaming charge. The disadvantage is you must have a local phone near by (or hotel).

    2. Normally in-coming roaming is cheaper than out-going international roaming charges. So using MINO, receiving a call while in a foreign country still saves money. May be not 70%, but some where around 25% approximately. So use MINO while in foreign country should save some but does not eliminate roaming altogether.

    You should try it on a Blackberry. Just go to our website  www.minowireless.com), click on ‘Make Free Calls’, enter your phone number, and we will push a trial version to your phone right away.


  2. android callback

    October 27, 2012 @ 11:52 am


    Thanks for sharing such a nice information. I am waiting for next one.

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