The popular imagination sees globetrotters one of two ways. Either they appear as rich power couples shacking up in five star hotels, or they are unwashed hippies sleeping under the stars. These two extremes sit at opposite ends of a very wide scale. No matter what budget you’re working with, you can see the world.

Don’t Waste Money on Fees

Before you book your first night abroad, make sure your passport, visas, and all other legal documents are ready to go. If you book a regular appointment with Florida acceptance agents, you will get your passport in around six weeks. If you procrastinate and need an expedited passport, you lose an extra $60 in fees. Plan ahead, stay organized, and save your money for the fun stuff.

Work as You Go

The popularity of online work is on the rise, and there’s no reason you can’t extend your travels by literally taking your work with you. Whether you find a remote job or use various freelancing websites to turn a quick buck, a job that only requires an internet connection is a traveler’s best friend. This technique works so well, some people do it full time, traveling from one exotic destination to the next with the power of online work. Even if you really enjoy your regular job and just plan to see the world on vacation, it’s a good idea to have a back-up source of income while you’re on the road.

Hostels Aren’t Just for Youth

There are two very important things you should know about hostels. First of all, they are not just for traveling students. Adults may or may not need to pay a slightly higher rate, but hostels still welcome their business. Secondly, hostels are not serial killer torture dens, no matter what Hollywood suggests.

Hostels typically offer the cheapest accommodations, particularly in Europe. While staying in a traditional, shared room full of bunk beds and new friends is a surprisingly fun experience, almost all hostels offer private rooms for travelers as well. If you don’t feel comfortable listening to other people snore, or you want to leave your baggage in your room rather than a locker, you can pay more for a room of your own, just like you would at a hotel.

Travel with Friends

The more people available to split the costs, the cheaper travel becomes. Traveling the world with friends heightens your experience, provides an extra layer of safety (particularly for female travelers), and dramatically lowers your costs.

For instance, hostel rooms and Airbnb rates don’t usually change based on the number of occupants. The more people splitting the cost, the cheaper the room becomes per person. When you have the opportunity to cook your own food, everyone saves by purchasing in bulk. You may be able to get group discounts on things like entertainment tickets as well.

Fly During the Week

First of all, if you want to see the world, fly as little as possible. Take advantage of trains, buses, and ferries to experience the country as you pass through. Some obstacles, however, like oceans and deserts, don’t offer many sightseeing opportunities. Depending on where you are in the world, flying may be cheaper than taking a ferry or a train ride as well.

To get the best deals on airfare, buy early and fly during the workweek. The rules of supply and demand increase ticket prices on the weekends when vacationing families and other leisure flyers flood airport terminals. Avoid the crowds and save on tickets by dodging the markups. You’ll find lots of little discounts and special deals all over the world. Stay flexible so you can take advantage of them when you meet.

Final Thoughts

Extend your travels with an online side job, take some friends along for the ride, and plan ahead to avoid fees. Also, remember that you can see the world in stages. Take lots of trips, save up between adventures, and brainstorm creative ways to make your finances accommodate your dreams. Any budget can support a clever globetrotter.

Tips for Traveling the World on a Budget