A Personal Injury Claim helps you get justice if you have suffered an injury or accident at work,on the road or anyone’s property. It is not applicable in criminal cases of deliberate harm with malicious intent, but in those which occur owing to negligence or lack of safety on the other person or party’s end. Ron Bell Personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico says that it is a constitutional right to claim compensation if one has been subjected to injury and trauma at the fault of the other party. These commonly asked questions about personal injury cases will help clear your doubts.

Should I File A Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been in an accident you are the best person to judge whether you should file a personal injury claim or not. The thumb rule is usually that you assess the extent of injuries and your medical expenses, talk to someone about the amount of compensation you are likely to get for it, and then if you see that the value of the settlement that you can get is much higher than the estimated expense of a lawsuit, go for it!

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

The amount of compensation that you are likely to get depends on a number of factors such as the extent of injuries, your medical bills, degree of fault of the other party involved, whether you have broken any laws and several other factors, which can change different values in this number. There is no hard and fast rate of compensation that you are eligible to get, but a lawyer would be the best guide on giving you a ballpark of what you can expect. 

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Many people choose to fight their own case without a professional legal representation and it is absolutely possible to do so. You need to do some study and research on the laws, your rights and check out previous cases similar to yours, to prepare your arguments. However, if you choose to hire a lawyer, you can let this work be done by a professional who is experienced in the field and thus, not deal with the additional stress of a lawsuit.

How Long Does A Case Go On?

There is no guaranteed time frame for a lawsuit. Most personal injury cases are usually resolved within a few months, but depending on the severity, complexity, other variables as well as parties, they can be done in anything between a few weeks to a year or so in litigation. Some do drag on for years as well. However, it is often seen that both parties prefer a quick resolution and hence, go for negotiation and settle it before going into a courtroom trial.

What If I Am At Fault Too?

If you have been at fault in the injury as well, it can get tricky and thus, it is better to speak to a lawyer to understand your accountability in the situation. Depending on the gravity of your offense your compensation can be affected. Hiding the truth about your fault can get you in trouble.

A personal injury case usually has a statue of limitation of two years, which gives you ample time to prepare and file your claim.

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases