Personal injury is a unique and emotional niche of the legal field. In this field not only do you help the wronged get justice, you also become a part of their stories, and it is through you often they get a new lease of life. What sets the top in the field such as Jason Stone Personal Injury Lawyers Boston MA from everyone else is a number of traits. Here are five qualities you must inculcate in yourself in order to be a good personal injury lawyer.


One of the biggest assets that you need to be good in this job is being a good and compassionate listener. You are going to deal with people who have not only gone through immense pain but their lives have changed in one instant owing to no fault of theirs. There will be people who have sustained horrifying injuries, disabilities, loss of work and livelihood. The journey that your clients are going through is filled with intense emotions, and you need to be kind and understanding enough for them to be able to share something that deep and painful.


As a personal injury lawyer you must be someone who is easy to approach and talk to. Your presence should make them feel safe, calm and comfortable so that they can open up with ease. More the details you can get out of your clients, the better are their chances of getting a favorable compensation in a short time. Unless your clients feel that they can approach you without fear or judgment, it will not be easy to get the job done. However you also need to be able to set boundaries because you definitely do not want work infringing on your personal life.

Emotional stability

This is a job, which requires you to delve into people’s stories of injuries, disability, loss and pain, the harrowing details of which are bound to leave anyone drained emotionally. But you need to balance your motions to be sympathetic to your client and yet practical enough to not disregard any facts while you fight for them. At the end of every case you need to be able to close the book and move on, without carrying the distress into your life.


While it goes without saying, dedication to your work and your client’s welfare should be your primary focus. You must leave no stone unturned to try and ensure that your client gets justice and the best possible amount of compensation possible. Remember that a survivor of an injury is clinging to the hope of getting a life back on track, and you have the power to give them the best chance.

Communication skill

As a lawyer, you need to be calm, confident and excellent in communication, be it with your client, opposition lawyer or in the courtroom. Do your study beforehand so that you do not feel overwhelmed as that is the moment the opposition will take over the case. Negotiation skills are also of utmost importance to ensure that you can get your client the highest compensation that they can.

The job of a personal injury lawyer, is extremely valuable as you have the power to give a survivor a second chance.

Five Traits You Should Inculcate To Be A Good Personal Injury Lawyer