Over the years the world has been seeing a slow but steady saturation in the job market. With the rise of literacy rates, there are more doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals than there is a demand. This has made it hard to get a job and in this market if you are looking to establish yourself professionally you need to cater to the niche appeal. Specializations are the way to go as thorough and deep knowledge of a particular aspect of a field is now more desirable than general education. Here are some cool niche professions which have the highest market potential in the near future.

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers are legal professionals, who help people get justice if they have been in an accident or sustained an injury at work or owing to someone’s negligence. These lawyers help their client sue the negligent party and get a suitable compensation for the pain, trauma and distress that the person has sustained. As more people are becoming conscious of their rights and filing claims for their injuries it is only expected that the demand for attorneys such as Utah Personal Injury lawyers Fielding Law will be on the rise.

Adolescent Therapist

Adolescence is when they are in a transition from being a child to an adult, and thus, in a struggle between both, which coupled with hormonal changes can make it an extremely difficult time. In recent times people are starting to pay attention to mental health. Thus, there is a huge demand for therapists specializing in dealing with adolescents. Not only are parents taking their children for therapy, more schools are also employing counselors to help their students navigate these difficult years easier.

Sports Writer

Ever since the dawn of civilization sports has been an important part of human lives and it is not something that will ever go out of demand. There is a huge job market for writers who work in the niche field of sports writing. Whether it is content or journalism, sport writers are highly sought after. Writers with a flair and understanding of sports can get jobs in high paying profiles in major sports companies such as ESPN, Sky Sports etc. 

Investment Advisor

If you are interested in the global economy and well versed with the constant rise and fall of the markets enough to predict trends, you can become an investment advisor. Investments can be difficult for people who are not that into economics and thus, there is a high chance of loss if invested in the wrong places. This is where a financial advisor comes to help. With a better understanding of economics, they can advise people to make the right investments.

Social Media Manager

Social Media platforms have emerged as the most powerful medium in today’s world, which makes them such a lucrative space for most businesses. Social media managers need to have a strong grasp on SEO, a good understanding of the needs and preferences of the demographic and a keen eye on trends so that they can formulate the most effective marketing strategies.

This is an age of specialization. The key to a successful career in this market is to excel in your niche to be sought after.

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