When customers began to use big online companies to facilitate the ordering of flowers and delivery to recipients, local florists were put in a difficult position. They didn’t have the technology or digital marketing reach to compete. 

People increasingly began to use flower delivery sites when they needed a go-to gift for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion. Some of them didn’t even realize that when they bought from these sites, the flower arrangements came from local florists. 

Local florists began to use these wire and distribution services for flower deliveries because they were losing sales and needed to ensure consistent business. This came at a considerable cost. 

They no longer had the high volume of in-person business and strong relationships with customers that they had before. By using wire and distribution services, a large percentage of the money spent by the customer did not come to them but went to big companies instead. 

Reinvigorating local florists

Putting the power and profits back into the hands of those who do the actual work is necessary to redress this imbalance. Snapblooms is a company with a mission to reinvigorate business for local florists who have struggled against the rise of big business flower deliveries and a lack of digital reach. 

Every order placed on its website for online flower delivery is sent to small business local florists in its network where flowers are hand-arranged by skilled florists into superior bouquets and delivered with care. 

Big companies driven by profit, not passion

Floral wires began many years ago as a way to build a delivery network that stretched beyond the range of a local florist. However, it wasn’t long before instead of florists helping florists, it was all about the money that could be made. 

In exchange for organizing orders, many of the huge floral delivery platforms take a large cut. Some florists have reported them pocketing up to 40 % of an order, leaving them to cover the cost of flowers, the vase, labor and delivery while just hoping there is some profit left over. 

Profit margins for some local florists are reduced to such a degree that they struggle to keep their heads above water. Wire services can convince member florists that they need to lower their prices on the premise that the competition is offering better prices. 

The problem is that constantly dropping prices means a compromise in some respect, whether this is in the quality or quantity of the flowers, the skill of floral designers or the quality of handling within the supply chain. 

Brand relationships suffer

Before people are able to like a brand and prefer it over other brands, it needs recognition. Local florists have been effaced by the massive floral delivery platforms and some of them do not even give florists access to customer data. This can be devastating in terms of branding and digital marketing efforts. 

Local marketing efforts, in particular, are hindered because at the time when such efforts are most effective –the preference stage of the buying cycle – florists don’t have access to customers. 

Customer relationships are indirect

The customer relationship is with the large company and not the small florist. They remember interacting with the large company. Local florists, therefore, can’t promote arrangements to those who have bought in the past or send customers a thank you note and tell them an order is on its way. 

Without any way to engage before, during or after a purchase, local florists are unable to nurture customer relationships and get clients to use them again and again. 

Consistent Business for Local Florists Shouldn’t Have to Come at Such a High Price