You had it made. The perfect business plan, an ideal product, and a way to market it to potential customers. However, your bubble burst when you did not get the funding you need to get your product out there. Whether it was a loan application rejection or not getting investors interested, realizing that you are on your own can be overwhelming.

It should not get you down because there are plenty of ways to market your product and make your dream a reality without a huge budget:

Use available help

According to the pro marketers at, hiring digital marketing experts can be an expensive undertaking. However, once you start digging a little deeper when exploring your options, you will find low budget digital marketing tools that can make your sales efforts more rewarding. It might take a little extra effort on your part and learning about some technicalities, but many of these tools are designed to be user-friendly.

They give you data that helps you understand traffic to your website and identify potential problems, such as a slow loading time or broken links. Utilizing these tools cuts costs on your marketing budget while still effectively ensuring that your product gains online visibility.

Social media

Social media is by far one of the most productive ways of marketing a product. While there is something of an art to it, many company owners have managed to get started by doing their own social media marketing. There is a plethora of free and paid online courses to teach you about crafting compelling posts.

Utilize all social media platforms while understanding that you may need to alter or tweak posts to suit that platform. An active social media presence will raise your online visibility. Keep your profiles up to date and post regularly. Many platforms also have analytics tools that let you gauge your endeavors’ success.

Get help from users

The blog on your website is an essential component of improving your ranking in search engine results. However, writing blog posts takes time, and not everyone is a skilled writer. That does not mean that you need to abandon the idea of having a blog.

Put out a challenge to your followers on social media to write a blog post that you will publish, acknowledging their contribution. You will be surprised at the response if you market this idea effectively. People love a challenge, and a little competition goes a long way to get the best from them. 

Breathe new life into old campaigns

Not every digital marketing campaign requires you to reinvent the wheel. If you have had a fruitful campaign in the past, switching things up or giving it a newer look might be all you need to do to generate sales.

Editing existing digital media marketing endeavors is far easier than trying to develop brand new content or campaigns. Sometimes, a revamp is the best way forward. People like seeing things they are familiar with, so a fresh take on an old campaign could be compelling.

Brand ambassadors and influencers

Brand ambassadors and influencers might be willing to work on a commission basis, meaning that you do not need to pay them anything unless they generate your product’s sales. While you will not be able to afford megastar influencers, many people are trying to make a name for themselves on social media and are eager for work opportunities.

Ensure that you have systems in place to accurately calculate how many sales each ambassador or influencer generated to compensate them fairly. At this delicate stage, you cannot afford to get bad reviews online for unfair remuneration practices. 

Marketing Your Product When You Fail to Get Funding